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All About the Herbal Ball Massage

Hi everyone, In this weeks video for SpaGenieTV, I uncover what exactly a herbal ball treatment is. As it is a part of Thai traditions, we find ... Read More...
July 16th, 2014
By: Namita Ramani
benefits of facials

Are Facials a Necessity or a Luxury?

It's a question I've wondered about myself for ages: are facials a necessity or a luxury? After visiting the lovely ladies at De La Mer Day Spa, I ... Read More...
July 2nd, 2014
By: Namita Ramani

Benefits of Thai Massage

Hi everyone, In this weeks episode of SpaGenieTV we interview the owner of The Purple Sanctuary Spa, Zehra Karim, as she explains all there is to k... Read More...
June 18th, 2014
By: Namita Ramani

YogoBerry: DIY Face Mask for Sun Burnt Skin

We've got the perfect home remedy for sun damaged skin with this special DIY face mask that we call the YogoBerry. This mask is perfect to rescue s... Read More...
June 17th, 2014
By: SpaGenie.ae Team

BB, CC & DD Creams: What’s the Dif

Hi everyone, It's Wednesday today, which means it's time for another episode of SpaGenieTV! In today's episode I talk about the different kinds of ... Read More...
June 3rd, 2014
By: Namita Ramani