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A Delightful Surprise

A Delightful Surprise

May 2nd, 2013

I felt extremely humble to know that my parents were happy and emotional touched because of a small spa gift I had chosen to give them on their wedding anniversary, says Priya Bhatia, a homemaker based in Dubai.

It was my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary, I wanted to do something different for them to bring a smile on their face. All the years I gifted them perfume sets, so in my desire for something new, I started a good brain storming session along with my husband and kids to decide how to make my parents feel special and be unique in our approach.

When all were throwing ideas during the discussion, I went back to my memory lane, when I received a spa voucher from my best friend and the whole relaxing experience at the spa flashed in front of my eyes. I had left the spa feeling rejuvenated that lasted for several days after that my husband too noticed the change in me and suggested me to visit spa more often from that day onwards.

Remembering that moment, ‘Spa voucher’, I shouted out of my excitement and they said yes at the same time with a lot of zest in their voice. All agreed with the decision to present my parents an exclusive treat of pampering oneself.

It was already past 12 am in the night by the time we reached this conclusion, so I kissed my kids good night, asked them to go to bed. After they left, I decided to do some research next day and find a good spa deal. I ended up purchasing Givenchy Spa at One&Only Royal Mirage vouchers. I had chosen ‘Aromatherapy Massage’ for them from all of the other options because it seemed like the most relaxing option available that would fit their needs. Also for my birthday I had gotten something similar so I decided that it would be the best for them as well. I could not wait to see the expression on their face when they receive my gift.

On the day of their wedding anniversary, I slowly took out the fancy little envelope out of my purse and watched them as their eyebrows knit in confusion. I handed them the vouchers and as they read what it said, their eyes started tearing up. My mom and dad both pulled me in for a hug at the same time. All of us cracked up laughing and I hugged them both together. That whole day we spent planning what they would wear and what they would take at the spa tomorrow. They were extremely excited because they were finally going to get sometime out of their busy schedule just for themselves.

The next day we had hearty breakfast together after a long time and then we went for shopping. It had been long since we had such shopping spree together that I have forgotten how joyful this experience had always been. Now being a mother of two growing children, spending quality time with parents had been my privilege of the past but that day was all special and two hours later we set out for the spa. I dropped my parents off at the spa and they were all smiles and waves.

When I returned to pick them after their treatment, my mom and dad came back looking the freshest they had looked in a lot of years. There was an angelic glow to their skin, an aura of happiness around them, that I knew was from the extremely relaxing experience they had just encountered. As they got into the car they told me all the amazing sensations they had just experienced and how much fun it was. They were also offered exotic teas just before and right after the massage.

Because of this gift we had spent two whole days together that I would cherish forever. Now I knew even if I had no time, I would still make time for them because honestly, they are the best mom and dad in the world.

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