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A *real* Man’s Massage…

A *real* Man’s Massage…

April 7th, 2011

A lot of guys go for a massage once in their life and never return, usually saying it did nothing for them. That’s because a lot of massages are designed with women in mind, and the techniques don’t even begin to de-stress and re-energize a bulkier male body.

Man/Age – Dubai Media CityWhich is why the Yu Ka Candle Massage at Man/Age is so welcome in Dubai. It’s a de-stressing and relaxing experience for guys which, over the course of a blissful hour at their Arjan Rotana Hotel branch in Dubai Media City, left me feeling almost hypnotically good.  And it’s a full body massage with a twist.

In a quiet, candlelit room, you’re first able to shower before lying on your back and being allowed to inhale the essential oils of Rose and Patchouli. Man/Age say that this has a calming effect that will help to de-stress and uplift you before the massage even begins. And it’s true: but no sooner have you begun to enjoy the almost meditative state that you are in, the pleasure is notched up. A towel is gently placed over your eyes and the rest of your body, and work begins on your feet.

Different points of the foot are pressed – gently at first – to help unblock energy flow and bring your tired muscles back to life. If you, like me, have never had your feet properly worked on before the effect is almost immediate: a warm glow rippled from them and through the rest of my body. It’s a truly dreamlike experience.

And now the twist: this massage involves wax.

Man/Age use warm candle wax made of shea butterandiroba oil, and mango butter. It’s dripped onto the part of the body being massaged – so first the feet  – and it’s thoroughly rubbed in to you in long, deep,  “rhythmic pressure” strokes. The shea butter hydrates; the andiroba oil softens and smooths; and the mango butter has a kick of the anti-aging, anti oxidant vitamin E. Whether you’re tired from work, the gym, or being a Dad, this extra element of the massage means you won’t just walk away from the massage feeling good – but you’ll look better too.

After the feet, the masseuse moves on to the legs. Again, it’s gentle massage at first followed by a dripping of wax and long, slow, deep, rhythmic pressure massage that’s firm  – absolutely perfect for guys – but never uncomfortable. The stomach and chest follow, and then you turn over so that the ankles, the reverse of the legs, the back, neck, arms  and even hands can be worked on. No part of the body is ignored, and as each is worked on you’ll notice your breathing becomes shallower and works in time with the masseuse’s strokes. Your mind begins to empty of anything other than the experience, and the positive emotional effect this massage has is undeniable.

The Yonka Candle Massage doesn’t just loosen up every tight muscle in your body. It calms you down. It lifts your mood. It restores energy levels. And the butters and oils mean your skin is smoother, healthier and re-energized too. Because it’s so thorough, this massage will soothe everything from tired PlayStation fingers to fatigued feet and necks. It’s also perfect if you’re stressed out from work or have overdone it in the gym. If you’re one of those guys that’s never felt the benefit of a proper massage before, the Yonka Candle Massage will change your mind forever. It can’t be recommended highly enough.

Click here to see complete treatment menu of Man/Age spa and available locations in Dubai.

Full Body Candle massage costs: AED 350

Candle Back Massage for AED 120

So what are you waiting for?

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