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Aging tests you can do yourself at home.

Aging tests you can do yourself at home.

March 25th, 2014

Though mankind is still light years away from vital, fully active and functional 100-year life spans.

Although there are no scientific markers for predicting these life spans yet, medical science has used biomarkers successfully in comparing chronological ages to biological ages.

These biomarkers include: muscle strength, stamina, blood pressure, lung function, vision, and others. The tests below are simple, and will give you a good indication of how you measure up.

Reaction Time

If you ever played a videogame with your children you know that today’s space age kids react super fast, but your reaction and reflex times have slowed down with aging.

Take this ruler-drop test and let’s see how much.

  1. Have someone hold a ruler from the 12” end.
  2. Position your hand under the ruler between your thumb and index finger.
  3. Now have the other person drop the ruler, with you trying to catch it.
  4. Note the reading, and take the average of three attempts.

6” is average for ages under 30, 10” for under 50 and 12” for 60+. If you couldn’t catch the ruler at all, don’t even think of playing videogames with the kids.

Visual Adjustment

Ever wonder why so many people with “normal” eyesight still have to wear glasses to read?  As we age, lenses lose their ability to change shape and keep objects in focus. When the focus can no longer shift from far to near, our “near” vision is reduced.

To test your visual accommodation, have a ruler handy, wearing distance glasses only or no glasses.

  1. Hold any printed page at arms length.
  2. Slowly bring it towards your eyes.
  3. Stop, at the point when the print begins to blur.
  4. Measure the distance from the printed page to your eyes.

The blurring point will be about 4 inches from the eyes for the average 21-year old; at age 30, 5 ½ inches; at 40, 9 inches; and at 50, 15 inches. At ages 60+, your arms won’t be long enough to bring the print into focus at all.

Skin Resiliency

Loss of collagen and connective tissue, responsible for skin wrinkles and sagging is the most visible sign of aging. A reliable test is to pinch the skin on the back of the hand and hold it 5 seconds, then release, and see how many seconds it takes to return to normal.

This lack of skin elasticity and resiliency in the hand is what’s going on in every other part of the body. With these biomarkers you have a good idea of how you’re aging. Take these tests often and if you’re taking care of yourself, you’ll see years of aging peel away.

Now, please share with us what experiences you had while keeping Mother Nature and Father Time under control.

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