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Anti Aging Visage Facial at SpaDunya

Anti Aging Visage Facial at SpaDunya

July 8th, 2012

SpaDunya is one of my favourite day spas in the city and they are one of the most innovative spas so far, not only in terms of their product range but also their treatments and services. Shahida, the founder of SpaDunya Color Experience, has always pushes and challenges her team to ensure they have something new and better to offer.

Every treatment at Spadunya begins with a Himalayan salt scrub foot ritual and the personal colour consultation. This consultation involves spontaneously choosing 4 colours, those that catch your attention.

The 1st colour represents the immediate need, the energy that you need to be at one with yourself and settle down. It is the colour of the day. The 2nd and 3rd colour are your body’s deepest needs.

The 2nd colour represents the energy deficit/ block, the need at that time or for the fundamental problem.

The 3rd colour is a helper that makes incorporating the 2nd colour easier if olfactory access is difficult.

The 4th colour represents the next step in your life, the energy or potential that you are going to implement due to the balance of the 2nd colour.

Its where you want to be.

This therapy aims at providing physical, mental and spiritual relaxation for a total wellbeing experience. Based on the colours we choose, the energies that have been lacking in the body are recognized. For example: Green implies lack of freshness, pink is the colour where you want to receive love and so on.

The anti age visage massage is a new treatment for 2012 at SpaDunya. The unique feature of this facial massage is that Vietnamese ancient massage tools are used for deep reflexology effects. Two new treatments: Anti-Age Visage Facial and Ultimate Feet Treatment have been introduced with use of these specialized Dien Chen tools. Anti-Age Visage Facial treatment has been specially designed for targeting fine lines and wrinkles. The face is cleansed and toned thoroughly and followed with a scrub and a silver serum penetrating deep into the pores and repairing damaged tissues of the skin. The effective results, however differing from person to person, will last not only for a day but for a week. The facial is completed by a rose-petal facial mask, a product of Al Tearah Bio, giving a complete feeling of relaxation to those activated tissues. To achieve best results, a series of 6-7 facial treatments is recommended.

The purpose of this massage is not just to correct fine lines but also detoxification of the internal organs of the body. While the mask is settling on the face, an uplifting hand massage is provided by deeply massaging the pressure points of the body, a way of acupressure. The second colour chosen decides the oil that is to be used on the body, since that is the energy your body is lacking. When peer pressure is applied on the various muscle joints of the body, the hibernating tissues reactivate, giving a feeling of zest, uplifting the senses and improving the blood circulation in the body.The mask is rinsed after the massage, What could be better than an energy boosting massage with a fine-line reducing facial?

And an all-energized YOU is ready to get going.

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