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Top 5 Kendall Jenner Exercises To Transform Your Body

March 25th, 2017
At 1.78m (5ft8ins) and weighing 54kg, Kendall Jenner has a supermodel figure that every girl envies but secretly desires to own. It’s not just her genes that contribute to h Read More...

5 Fat Burning Smoothies to Get in Shape for the Holiday Season

December 1st, 2016
Looking to slim down & get in shape for the holiday season? Why not start by sipping one of these nutrient-packed smoothies! Loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, smoot Read More...

Stay Healthy This Eid with These Delicious Guilt Free Desserts

September 23rd, 2015
You certainly can’t imagine the festivity of Eid without the delicious and mouthwatering desserts that add an extra sweetness to the celebration. However, it’s easy to get Read More...