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Dieting – The reality check

Dieting – The reality check

April 16th, 2013

With college reunion day around the corner, you are excited about meeting good old college friends, after almost a decade, who always raved about you being in perfect shape. Biggest decision for you now is how to look gorgeous for that special event and you head to your favourite store to shop for the best attire.

Everything looks wonderful but first time you realize in so many years that you are out of shape now. Quickly you wind up on the shopping spree to find quick dieting solution but everything you hear and read seemed confusing and contradictory leaving you in despair. If this sounds like you than you are not alone.

We all dream to get perfect bodies and run into the trap of endless weight loss advice that doesn’t seem to work for us. Helga Marin Bergsteinsdottir, Inspirational speaker, coach and Director of Health, Mind & Body uncovers dieting myths for Spa Genie in series of dieting facts.

“In order to lose weight you must lower your kcal intake”.

Reality: In fact lowering your kcal intake too much may be the very reason why you don’t lose weight. Gaining and losing weight has very little to do with the number of kcal you eat but rather the kind of food you eat and their effect on your metabolism and hormones. Some food will increase your metabolic rate while other food will put your body into fat storage mode. Also your food combination, when you eat, how many times a day and how long time there is between your meals is also very important.

Sound advice

Eat frequently or every 2-3 hours. If you eat 1500 kcal in 2 meals you are more likely to gain weight than if you spread that kcal into 5-6 meals. After each meal your body absorbs certain amount of energy for immediate use and the rest gets stored. The goal is to feed the body with just what it needs for the next 2-3 hours and even a little bit less for weight loss. Eating big meals results in stored up kcal that takes more effort to get rid of.

Eat food that is fresh and unprocessed and that has high thermogenic effect.  Thermogenesis occurs when your body increases its heat or energy output and your metabolism increases. Raw vegetables have very high thermogenic effect and so does protein but because of its many side effect I don’t recommend protein in excess.

Most food high in sugar, sugar substances, transfats and other unnatural food substances affect the hormones of the body and put the body into a fat storage mode. Both sugar and transfats do that but in different ways.

About the expert

Helga Marin Bergsteinsdottir has worked within the health and fitness industry for the last 20 years. She works as an inspirational, health and fitness coach, inspirational speaker and also writer. Her mission is to transform and empower people to attain their goals, reach their full potential and experience good health, fulfillment, and happiness in life. Helga conducts seminars and workshops on stress management, weight management, self development, communication skills and improved health and well being.

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