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Eat fat to lose weight

Eat fat to lose weight

May 8th, 2013

You see low fat, no fat or fat free, advertised everywhere and the first thought that comes to once mind is that it’s a healthy choice and very good for my health. Now also a popular discussion topic at high-class parties and most looked after method for dieting or dealing with weight issues, the low fat food craze has attracted most people who strive to be in good shape.

SpaGenie finds out from Helga Marin Bergsteinsdottir,  an Inspirational speaker, coach and Director of Health, Mind & Body on what the dieters must know when they opt for consuming low fat food during their dieting process.

“Eat low fat food”

Reality: Fat burns fat and so when you exclude it completely it affects your body’s ability to burn fat effectively. In addition, fat is the third most important nutrient after oxygen and water that the body needs to function properly. However, not all fats can boost up your fat metabolism; so you need to choose healthy fats like the ones you find in oils, seeds, nuts, avocado and fish. Some oils are highly processed and are therefore not recommended. I suggest olive oil, flaxseed oil and oils from nuts and seeds.

Sound advice

You can train your body to burn more fat by feeding it regularly healthy fats. Start with smaller portions and then gradually increase it until you have little fat in every single meal of the day. You should be consuming between 50-90 grams per day depending on your gender, age and activity level. You can make wonderful healthy smoothies with almonds, avocado and coconut. All are great fat metabolism boosters.

About the expert

Helga Marin Bergsteinsdottir has worked within the health and fitness industry for the last 20 years. She works as an inspirational, health and fitness coach, inspirational speaker and also writer. Her mission is to transform and empower people to attain their goals, reach their full potential and experience good health, fulfillment, and happiness in life. Helga conducts seminars and workshops on stress management, weight management, self development, communication skills and improved health and well being.

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