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Freshen up with Lime Definitive facial

Freshen up with Lime Definitive facial

July 8th, 2013

In today’s fast pace lifestyle, caring about once skin often gets neglected and factors such as late night out, endless stress and tensioned surroundings, jet lag and other environmental causes, all take a toll on the skin’s condition. And when it comes to men, most times massages, gym workouts etc, takes most of their attention and becomes their preferred leisure activity.

Treating and pampering their skin’s needs in equally important and the modern male is not ashamed to admit this. Facial treatments are growing popular amongst the men and they too consider this as a fantastic way to relax and de-stress while nourishing their skin’s need.

The Refinery of Mayfair, London is the pioneer in formulating skin care treatment products to cater the needs of men. The Refinery, a range designed by men for men. Understanding men special needs, LIME spa offers exclusive facial treatments from The Refinery at their spa that helps men to unwind and rejuvenate their skin requirements.

Know the procedure

The Definitive Facial is 105 minuted unique face and body experience that begins with a back scrub and massage and continues with the Refinery facial where a combination of plant extracts and aromatherapy oils are used in the process. With the treatment, facial contours are visibly tightened, skin hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.

This treatment is suitable for all men, especially for someone with shaving rash and a sensitive skin.  The Definitive has been designed for men and would only be recommended for men. LIME spa is currently the only spa the offers facials from The Refinery.

Know the ingredients

This facial utilizes the power of essential oils and active botanicals unique to The Refinery range to stimulate the skin at the deepest level.

Sound advice

Shaving is not needed for the treatment, however, it is recommended to avoid the sun after any facial and use a SPF on your skin after the facial.

What: Definitive Facial

Where: Lime Spa at The Desert Palm Hotel

Location: Desert Palm Hotel, Hatta Road Dubai

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