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Fruits- A healthy, befitting lifestyle

Fruits- A healthy, befitting lifestyle

September 13th, 2012

As a child my perception of fruits was not one to write home about. I viewed an apple as a way of being punished by my mother. Not only would I hide them behind bookshelves, but would also throw them out of the window the very instant my mum looked elsewhere.  I could never fathom the reason for being subjected to as immense a misfortune as the one where I was part of a ritual, where eating fruits was not only mandatory but not negotiable.

A few years into my youth when I became a little worldly and wise, I realized my daily bouts of fatigue, lack of stamina and regular mood swings was not only a result of the stressful life I led as a student, but one that was devoid of nutrition, fiber,  vitamins and minerals that no burger or taco could suffice. Dieticians, nutritionists and every other health expert consulted had since mandated the inclusion of fruits and green vegetables in my diet. Being a working professional I don’t see how I would have survived all those long hours at work unscathed without paying heed to their advice. Ever since I changed my way of life, I’ve been able to work better, increase my concentration level and shrug off my sluggishness at work.

Being the most natural form of minerals, vitamins and fiber, fruits account for the largest part of water that helps eradicate cholesterol. Being easy for the body to process and absorb, fitness freaks and weight conscious men and women alike have imbibed fruits as part of their daily staple diet. Fresh fruits are great sources of antioxidants and helps relive one from their cellulite, wrinkles and acne woes. Beauty experts look at fruits as one of their highly recommended prescribed solution to any problem that their client may have. Holding a host of health and beauty benefits, fruits are a means to bringing a glow on your face and a sparkle in your eye.

Spas for that very reason thrive on treatments that include the goodness of fruits either in their natural form or by way of their extracts. Envisaging an array of fruit facials are spas and beauty clinics offering their clientele not only structured procedural fruit treatments, but ones that have the option of being custom made. Spas such as The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge, Softouch Spa, Clessidra Med spa and Saray spa among the others have a separate section on their treatment menu dedicated solely to fruity delight treatments. The benefits of each one of the fruits used in the treatment is magical and leaves one feeling rejuvenated and zestful.

Crossing over to adapt a lifestyle that includes these goldmines rich in health and beauty ingredients is the only way to feel closer to the real you. Switch over to a newer, better and healthier tomorrow. Befriend fruits, make juice bars your ‘to go’ place and fruit treatments a way of life.

Share with us your fruit spa/ facial treatment experiences. We would love to know what you think of these magical beauty ingredients.

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