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Get Shiny Tresses

Get Shiny Tresses

April 23rd, 2013

I had been yearning to visit a spa since the beginning of the year but was a little skeptical since it’s my first pregnancy. It took me a while to narrow down on what kind of spa experience would suit my current state and help me relax. Body Massage was the first to be ruled out as I could not lie on my belly and lying on my back would put extra weight on my spine which again seemed like a bad idea. I made an appointment with JET SET spa after consulting my OB/GYN.

I dragged my pregnant self out of the house and took the metro to Emirates Towers hoping that the treatment I had selected would be worthwhile. Comfortably seated in the metro I wondered how much my hair had changed in the last 4 years… the weather conditions and desalinated water had transformed my hair from thick, shiny and long to dull ,dry and brittle and shampooing every day further added to the damage. I was hoping to receive a treatment which would revitalize and nourish my hair and bring back the shine.

I entered JET SET spa at Emirates Towers and was greeted with a warm smile and since I arrived on time I did not have to wait. The receptionist called Nerissa who led me to my seat. While she got fresh towels my curious eyes looked around and noticed that the feel of the spa was quite in sync with its name only difference being here there were no seat numbers like they have in an aircraft. The JET SET signboard in sleek steel behind the receptionist added to the glam quotient of the place.

Nerissa my flight attendant placed a fresh white towel on my shoulders and undid my hair while I flipped through the pages of the spa menu ( I had picked it up at the reception). I read that the relaxing ritual hair treatment was meant to restore the condition instantly with a customized facial for the hair.

Nerissa undid my hair and inquired what I wanted to do with my hair. She kind of assumed I was a repeat customer till I told her I was a first timer at Jet Set to receive a ritual treatment, wash, blow dry followed by braids. While she washed my hair she asked me if I wanted some tea/ coffee.

All my pregnant body yearned for was water and she was quick to get me some. She rinsed my hair with warm water kind enough to check with me if the temperature of the water was fine. I was pleased to learn that my hair was not damaged it was just a little dry hence she suggested that I go in for Kerastase nutrition treatment. She used the Kerastase shampoo for dry sensitized hair and shampooed my hair and rinsed it with water followed by a 2 minute head massage & then shampooed my hair again and dried it with a fresh towel.

She then divided my hair in sections and sprayed each section with a hair concentrate mixture of oleo fusion and booster ionium to moisturize and add shine to dry hair (she mentioned that if my hair was colored she would have used concentrate pixelist and if I had split ends it would be vita ciment).

After spraying my hair and spreading the concentrate liberally with her fingers on each section she got her timer and set an alarm for ten minutes and started the head massage. While she moved her fingers through my hair carefully applying pressure at just the right places I felt relaxed and almost dozed off. The ten minutes of head massage stopped as soon as the timer sounded oh how much I yearned for it to continue forever.

She rinsed my hair with water and wrapped my head with a towel then dried it using a hair drier. She informed me that Alex (the stylist) would give me a blow dry and braid my hair. I inquired what kind of braiding they did and if I could look at pictures she was quick to inform the receptionist who got me the i pad with images from which I could select the kind of braiding I wanted…I was impressed. Alex introduced himself with a smile and started with the blow dry and asked what kind of braiding I wanted since I had never braided my hair before I left it to his expertise. While talking to him I learnt he was half Italian and half Brazilian, which quite explained his natural charm and pleasant personality. He decided to give me a side fishtail braid and in less than 15 minutes voila I was ready.

The deep hair conditioning treatment I received matched the description on the menu it truly brought back the luster of my hair and the head massage de-stressed me and the braided hair was a nice new look, which I think I can try more often to escape from bad hair days.

It was a relaxing rejuvenating journey. If your hair has lost its gloss and needs a quick repair treatment I recommend you JET SET your way to their spa you are sure to come out feeling great that too without burning a hole in your pocket! You can safely trust the fabulous team at JET SET and leave your curls in their able hands for the perfect diagnosis and treatment for all your hair problems.

The Keratase Ritual Treatment starts from AED 140 and hair braiding starts from AED 60. If you want to wash blow dry and braid your hair it’ll cost just AED 150.

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Sneha Dhadwal is a Dubai based PR and media professional currently taking a break from work to enjoy pregnancy. She enjoys going to the spa for various treatments and makes it point to try out local spas while traveling.

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