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Head for a luxurious Hammam

Head for a luxurious Hammam

July 4th, 2013

Moroccan Hammam is an ancient traditional way to de-stress, cleanse, detox and rehydrate once skin. Being one of the popular treatments amongst the spa goers in UAE, this Moroccan steam bath has a deep relaxing effect. The ever growing popularity of this treatment is because of the fact that uses all natural ingredients that have anti aging properties and also aids in fighting cellulite problems. This relaxing bath is a perfect spa experience for someone wants to unwind and relive them from all the tensions of everyday life.
Royal Hammam is a luxurious interpretation of this sacred Moroccan ritual that has a 90-minutes unique bathing ritual combined with fragranced steam, scrub and a massage that rejuvenates once body and soul. The treatment is ideal for both the men and women of any age, however people with heart conditions should consult their doctors before taking this treatment.

Know the ingredients
Soap used in this treatment is made from pure Moroccan olive oil and the mud mask comes from the Atlas Mountain called the (Rhassoul) that consists of vital minerals and vitamins. The mask is also rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and sodium that improve skin’s elasticity and clarity (Anti Aging), balances oil secretion, which also controls acne problem. It also refines the skin’s redness and flakiness.

Know the procedure
Make sure to eat well 1-hour before treatment and drink plenty of water as you can easily dehydrate due to the warm surroundings. Take off your entire make up first as you will get drenched during the process.

The Ritual Hammam is all made of marble and is steamed for about 15-minutes before the client goes in, it is checked for temperature. The client then will be led into the Hammam where she will lay for about 15 minutes of which the therapist will keep a check on her at all times by giving her a head massage.

She will then soap all her body and leave again for a further 10-minutes and will be checked on to see the condition of the pores. It’s time for a good rinse where she will be rinsed and then starts the scrubbing process of all body. She will be then be washed and rinsed again and followed by this she will be then led to her private bed in her private room for 30-minutes massage.

Sound advice
Don’t sun bathe for 1-hour as your skin will be sensitive after the procedure because your skin will dark tan faster due to the olive oil.

At the Famous Beauty Salon & Spa

The Hammam room has a special designed marble from Finland, especially created to provide clients a well-organized and perfect Ritual Hammam. The pure marble tables add a luxurious appeal. The entire room is carefully designed from ceiling to floor keeping the Moroccan taste and style in mind.

The Famous Beauty Salon & Spa is not the only one doing Moroccan Bath in the UAE but they are the only ones doing a Ritual Moroccan Hammam. They also offer consultations to their clients to prepare them before the treatment and also customize their service to cater the client requirements and know their problems and offer them maximum benefits from the treatment.

What: Royal Hammam Ritual / Moroccan Bath

Where: Famous Beauty Salon & Spa

Location: Jumeira Beach Road, Villa #796.

Book a treatment: http://www.spagenie.ae

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