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How to Deal with Dark under Eye Circles

How to Deal with Dark under Eye Circles

April 22nd, 2015

Do you dread the shallow and dark circles under your eyes? Are those dark under eye circles a blot on your beauty?

You certainly aren’t the only woman around to detest dark under eye circles. There are many women who complain of dark circles hampering their otherwise spotless beauty. Well, you don’t need to fear anymore. We have got for you some important tips that would help you deal with dark circles and keep them at bay forever.

But before we go through these tips and preventive measures, let us first get into the root cause of dark under eye circles.
What causes these dark circles?

Following are the prominent reasons that cause dark under eye circles and steal away the real beauty of your eyes: 1. Hereditary: For some, it runs in their blood. If your parents had dark circles, chances are high for you to inherit the same. This generally happens when you have thin skin layer around eyes or more blood vessels than needed. 2. Broken Blood Vessels: Rupturing of blood vessels underneath eyes can lead to dark circles as your eyes get limited blood supply. Lesser amount of hemoglobin results in skin darkening. 3. Anemia: Deficiency of iron in blood leads to shortage of oxygenated blood supplied to eyes. This lack of oxygen in blood gives rise to dark circles. 4. Hyper-pigmentation: Perorbital hyper-pigmentation is a condition wherein melanin production around eyes gets more active than average. This results in dark circles. 5. Nutritional Causes: Lack of proper diet causes deficiency of vital nutrients, like iron and Vitamin E which further leads to dark circles. This is because your blood circulation gets affected due to lack of nutrients. Apart from these, dehydration, lack of sleep, certain allergies and smoking too leads to dark circles.
Treating Dark under Eye Circles

In order to prevent or treat dark under eye circles, you can seek help from medicines or go the natural way. A dermatologist can help you out in prescribing the right medication. There are under eye creams available which not just cure dark circles but also keep your eyes moisturized; hence preventing dark circles from reappearing.
Natural Ways to Treat Dark Circles

1. Massage the area around eyes with Vitamin E or almond oil, this improves blood circulation and prevents dark circles.
2. Grate a raw potato, and apply the squeezed juice under your eyes. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash away with cold water. You can even place thin potato slices on your eyes before you retire to bed. This acts as an effective treatment for under eye circles.
3. Do some yoga exercises meant for eyes, this will help in increasing blood circulation and you will stay away from dark under eye circles.
4. Place two thin slices of cucumber on your eyes for 15 minutes or so, it helps in removing puffiness and cooling the eyes.
5. Placing used tea bag (cold) on your eyes helps in lessening the darkness.
6. Make sure you sleep soundly for 6-7 hours. Lack of sleep disturbs blood circulation thus making your eyes look pale and tired. The beauty of your eyes will remain intact if only you can take care of these important tips. Give your eyes the needed care and keep dark under eye circles at bay! Subscribe to the e-newsletter to receive monthly updates from the SpaGenie blog, or like us on Facebook for daily doses of all things Spa!

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