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I surprised her on Mother’s day

I surprised her on Mother’s day

March 19th, 2013

 It feels amazing to see your mom smile, says Dana Sartawi – Al Madidy, senior client services manager at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City as she shares her joyous experience with Spa Genie.

I chose to give my mother a spa voucher on the mother’s day since it was confusing for me to choose a special gift. I was looking for something special and unique as a piece of jewelry or a bag has been given to her so many times.

My mom is so dedicated to her work and kids, she never has time to pamper herself and relax, in the morning she runs to work where she spends most of the day and once she is back home, she is busy cooking, preparing dinner and helping my younger sister study and finish her homework So I thought that the SPA treatment as a gift will be a great escape for her and an excellent way to enjoy her me time forgetting the worries about her busy life.

It was actually great, seeing my mom happy and relaxed. It was unbelievably awesome, and doing something for your beloved ones always makes you feel good about yourself. This remarkable spa visit has enhanced my relation with my mom. Especially when she said this is the best gift ever, I was so glad to hear that and i was so touched. I managed to make her feel so good even if it’s for 2 hours it was worth it, my mom got hooked to it and she can’t wait for next year to get a similar gift but I am planning it much sooner for her.

SPA experience is always remarkable, no one forgets the moments of joy and pampering. My mother really needed such a treat as this made her realize how busy she has been all the years looking after her family that she never had the time for herself. Now she has promised herself that this will change and she will dedicate at least a day per month for herself.

We, in general don’t know how important SPA treatments could be, especially when we are busy in life with kids, work, etc. This is what I call (ME TIME), I personally believe that there is a queen in each woman and we should at least treat ourselves like one every once in awhile and give ourselves some time to relax and enjoy life, release the tension and gain positive energy.

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