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Know me and my Spa – A chat with an affable spa founder

Know me and my Spa – A chat with an affable spa founder

July 22nd, 2013
Spa Review

Perfecting the art of balancing work and personal life, Neelam Aggarwal, founder of the Zen Asia Spa is one of those lucky women who are able to successfully manage and maintain a right balance. She is dedicated and devoted towards her family and manages to find time for her friends even while she is busy running her spa business.  She says, “I balance my time between both my little worlds.”

She firmly believes it’s very essential to care for one’s personal health, skin, and hygiene. She says, “Regular manicures and pedicures, Moroccan baths, facials, have all helped in maintaining my body, as well as healthy eating. Drinking water, especially in the UAE, is also very important. My parents always maintained themselves, so I have just imbibed that. We are and always will be a reflection of our parents.”

She has been in the UAE for 8-years and the Dubai Racing World Cup is her personal favorite. She says, “Socially the UAE is buzzing, there are many events, parties, birthdays, etc., so women also like to prepare themselves for these occasions. I feel people in the UAE have more time to take care of their health and well-being. The availability of home help is a big reason why we see a lot of mothers and working women able to spend more time in the salon.”

“Coming from the recreational hub of Orlando, Florida, USA, I felt the UAE was lacking a “Personal” spa, where each client feels pampered to the fullest. I want to treat you like a queen without having to pay a fortune. So, I started Zen Asia Spa with that in mind.”

Growing years

I’m originally from India, but have lived most my life in the UK and the USA. You can say, I have international experience behind me, which eventually has proved to be an asset when conducting business in the UAE. I have done a beauty therapy course in the UK, which has been a great foundation in establishing Zen Asia Spa.

There have been many reasons that led me to the spa business, but as I stated earlier, my experiences in the UK, USA, and the Far East, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, have all influenced many facets of Zen Asia Spa, from the products used, to the massage techniques. Tremendous market and demographic research went behind the decision of starting Zen Asia Spa. We started in June 2007 and now we have 2 locations, the first in JLT, JBC 5 and the other in International City, China C14.

The spa concept was to bring an Asian inspired spa with extremely friendly staff and highly competitive prices to cater to those clients who want their value for money. Customer service and loyalty is our USP. In the coming years, we will have more locations, more clients, and even higher quality of services and products to offer our valued clients.

My beauty, health and fitness formula…

Exercise and drink lots of water. As for beauty, visit to Zen Asia Spa and let us handle your skin health.

Spa is important part of today’s lifestyle because…

Your body requires moments to de-stress. Pamper yourself with regular massages, Moroccan baths, facials, manicures, pedicures.

Pampering oneself is the way to…

Physical and mental relaxation

Being confident means…

Being comfortable with who you are. Be unique and confidence will follow.

If I had the means to change something in life it would be…

The heat in Dubai! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated and have regular Moroccan baths.

If I was not in the spa and wellness industry then I would be…

I would be in some beauty related field because that’s where my passion lies.

Things others don’t know about our spa…

Most of our staff has been with us for over 6 years now, and our clients are still coming to us since we opened in 2007, regardless of location. That shows customer loyalty and our high percentage of employee retention.

My favorite spa treatment…

Our signature Moroccan Bath, it’s very relaxing as well as refreshing.

When I am not working I am…

Spending quality time with my family and grand kids

I love my work because…

The way I expect to get pampered when I go to a spa, is the same way we pamper our clients. It’s my passion and the main reason that motivates me to do even better each day.

Best way to describe myself…

I believe in highest quality of cleanliness and hygiene. I am easily approachable and a skilled problem solver.

Things/people that inspire me…

I get inspired by many different people. I like people with unique personal style and that are comfortable within their own skin. Be different!

Your role model…

My mother, she has and always will be my role model.

Know me and my Spa

Founder or Manager Name: Neelam Aggarwal, founder of Spa

Spa Name: Zen Asia Spa

Number of Branches in UAE: 2

Started in UAE: 6 years ago

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