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Know me and my Spa – Meet Elizma – lady with a positive outlook

Know me and my Spa – Meet Elizma – lady with a positive outlook

August 8th, 2013

Passionate about health and wellness since the high school days, Elizma Hoffman, Spa Operation Manager at the Lima Spa, firmly believes pampering oneself is the way to give back to yourself. Since age 21, she understood the value of adopting good living practices in daily lifestyle and hence she regularly meditates, opts for healthy food options and enjoys life with an utmost optimistic attitude.

She says, “It has been proved to all that if you lead a healthier lifestyle that you will receive so much more out of life; more energy, a longer life and while leading a healthy life we in return take care of the earth creating a future world for our families.”

Talking about how her parents support helped her work towards her passion, she adds, “My parents have always supported my decision about becoming a spa/holistic therapist and while I was still a child they supported my ideas of alternative lifestyle (as it was called then in South Africa).”

Growing years

The spa and massage industry has always been my passion. I started my passion for the wellness industry with small aromatherapy and massage courses while I was in high school and after high school I continued with beauty and holistic therapy. I started my career on the cruise liners as a slimming therapist and ventured throughout the world, learning and growing in the spa industry.

In 2008 I found myself in Dubai, UAE, in one of the biggest spas in the Middle East and then ventured to Baku, Azerbaijan, for a few months, to be part of a pre-opening team for a UAE hotel management company and moved back to join LIME Spa at Desert Palm in 2012.

The spa and wellness industry is a growing and evolving industry with many branches to venture into. The medical aspect of the wellness industry is a sought after and growing industry. With the menu re-launch we have decided to add a more result driven facial such as the K-lift and have combined this with the traditional methods of spa; tranquility and beauty treatments. Lime Spa treatments are tailor made in regards of oil for massages and music for all treatments. Our location is very unique as LIME Spa is imbedded in the lush and green landscapes of Desert Palm Resort and Hotel, a Polo Resort.

In future, I do wish to have my own business where I can teach people how to switch off from our daily conflictions to create a healthy and happy mind. A positive and healthy mind is where true wellness starts.

My beauty, health and fitness formula…

Positive thoughts, a big smile and take what you put into your body as well as what you put on your body.

Spa is important part of today’s lifestyle because…

It helps to switch off from the daily conflicts that drain our energies.

Being confident means…

Believing in what you do and say.

If I had the means to change something in life it would be…

Bring in more peace.

If I was not in the spa and wellness industry then I would be…

I do not see myself in any other industry.

Things others don’t know about our spa…

The LIME Massage was created by the therapists of LIME spa.

My favorite spa treatment…

Any type of hands on massage

Why I love my work…

As this field has always been my passion.

Best way to describe myself…

Easy going

My message for people…

True wellness starts from the mind.

Things/people that inspire you…

Strangers helping strangers

Your role model…

My mother

Know me and my Spa

Founder or Manager Name: Elizma Hoffman, Spa Operation Manager

Spa Name: Lima Spa

Number of Branches in UAE: 1

Started in UAE: 6 years ago

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