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Know me and my Spa – Meet the perfectionist

Know me and my Spa – Meet the perfectionist

June 26th, 2013
Spa Review

Passionate about his health and well-being, Max Giuppi, Spa Manager at Emirates Grand SPA admits since his early growing years he has always been a health enthusiast and takes a lot of care of his own well-being. He says, “My parents never felt the need to pamper themselves and possibly that is why I put so much emphasis on it.” He cannot dream about any other profession other than the spa industry. “I think people in the UAE really enjoy pampering themselves but they should focus on their health a bit more. Pampering is a great stress buster but over indulging is never a good thing.”

Given the chance and the means he would have corporate SPAs in every office building. He proudly describes himself as stubborn and a perfectionist and both these qualities have made him climb the success ladder. He believes spas are an effective tool to fight the negative effects of stress and pampering oneself is a way to gratify oneself.

Growing years

I started off in 1997 as a trainer at the London Central YMCA, after 4 years I got my first ITEC qualification in massage and started working for the Joshi Clinic on Harley Street in London. After practicing for a few years I opened my own Beauty Salon and SPA in Rome. Sold the business after 10 year and decided to move to Dubai. It was just a natural progression to move on to management. I love my work because by doing a good job and providing a great service that make people happy.

I have noticed that SPAs in the UAE are a lot more popular than back in Europe, where Beauty salons are more used, but most of the SPAs in UAE seem to be focusing only on the pampering and relaxing side of it and not so much on wellness, that is why I am trying to incorporate both elements in my SPA. I would like my spa to be a well know spot in Dubai where people can come to relax and recharge. My current business expansion plan is to refresh the look of our spa.

Beauty, health and fitness formula…

Have a massage once a week, have acupuncture when you have nagging problems instead of pain killers, change your beauty creams regularly and work out at least 3 times a week.

Being confident means…

Being sure of one’s abilities

Things others don’t know about our spa…

We are a hidden tranquil haven on Dubai’s busiest road My favorite spa treatment…Hamman and 4 hand massage My leisure time…Enjoy what Dubai has to offer My message for people…

Take a step back and look at your life from a different prospective every now and again

Things I like about myself…

I am always smiling Things/people that inspire you…

A beautiful sunny day My role model…

Don’t have a specific person but I just strive to be a better person everyday

Know me and my Spa Founder or Manager Name: Max Giuppi, Spa Manager

Spa Name: Emirates Grand SPA

Number of Branches in UAE: 1

Started in UAE: 6 years ago

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