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Must Try Signature Spa Treatments in Dubai

Must Try Signature Spa Treatments in Dubai

April 1st, 2012

Awazen Spa : Brightening white Facial
Experience glamorous glow or brightening white Facial for fresher looking skin plus a  30 minute Back Massage to relieve those tense/ tired muscles especially around the shoulders.

Price of the treatment: 250AED per person. Duration: 75 Minutes

Lime Spa : Ear Candling
The gentle art of ear candling balances and restores the equilibrium of your senses. The treatment includes scalp, neck, shoulder massage and lymphatic sinus drainage using essential oils.

Price of the treatment: 395 AED per person. Duration: 60 Minutes

Sanctuary Spa : She is all that at Sanctuary spa
Indulge in a 1-hour Clarins Aromatic Facial Treatment. Enjoy a 3-course lunch and access to all spa facilities.

Price of the treatment: 400AED per person. Duration: 60 Minutes

Dermalogica on Burj : AGE Smart :
AGE Smart facial: an innovative, scientifically-advanced system of products specifically designed to prevent and repair internal and external damage to aging skin. AGE Smart was developed to address the underlying factors that lead to signs of premature aging in our skin including wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation, and loss of elasticity and tone to the skin. Dermalogica is taking a unique approach to treating aging and premature aging by addressing the source of
these changes in the skin. The AGE Smart products are particularly rich in Vitamin C, anti- oxidants and have an SPF which is contributing factors in reducing the visible aging of the skin.

Price of the treatment: 550AED per person. Duration: 75 Minutes

The Hush Hair Lounge Ladies Salon : Express Facials
Dr Renaud Professional Express Facial designed to transform, brighten and re-energize the skin inrecord time – only 30 minutes!
The Beauty Flash Antipollution Oxygenating Facial – a concentrate of detoxifying and toning active ingredients for immediate radiance. It purifies the skin under stress and pollution, hydrates and smoothes facial features.

Price of the treatment: 350 AED per person. Duration: 30 Minutes

Emirates Grand Spa : Chinese Cup Massage:
By creating suction and negative pressure, cup massage therapy is used to soften tight muscles and tone attachment, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, it brings hydration and blood flow to body tissues and drains excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. Cup massage body work is versatile and can easily be modified to accomplish and range of techniques, from lymphatic draining to deep tissue release. This complements many health modalities ranging from spa treatments to medical massage and physical therapy.

Price of the treatment: 450 AED per person. Duration: 90 Minutes

The Nail Spa : Everlasting Manicure
Why is it better than a traditional manicure?
– It is a non-chip nail colour that can last up to 3-4 weeks.
– It is damage free nail hardening treatment that enhances growth of the natural nail.
-It enhances natural nails with vitamins and nutrients.
– Treated nails with Bio Sculpture Gels dry instantly under UV-A light – this helps keep natural
nails well maintained long after application.
– With minimal buffing, our odorless gels used without primers, bonders or base coats give
strength to natural nails and allow them to grow stronger and last longer to all spa facilities.

Price of the treatment:Natural/ Classic Everlasting Manicure – Dhs150
French Everlasting Manicure – Dhs160 Also available Everlasting Pedicure (Natural/Classic-Dhs160, French-Dhs180) Duration: 15 Minutes

Simply Skin Clinical Care : Auto Derma Stamp Micro needling Treatment
Unlock the Powers of Skin Rejuvenation with Auto Derma Stamp micro needling treatment. For the first time, therapists can re-activate the skin’s incredible powers of rejuvenation you were born with using Collagen Stimulation Therapy known as micro-needling that is usually performed by using a hand roller.

The new Auto Derma Stamp uses an automated needle tip which moves smoothly on the skin surface working on the principle of Mesotherapy.
This technique produces thousands of micro-channels through which active ingredients are able to penetrate better and deeper into your skin. This procedure stimulates   the production of collagen, elastin and metabolism of the skin giving it healthy and glowing look.

Price of the treatment: Initial session is priced at AED 700 and different packages are available according to skin needs.
Duration: Bring back the tightness, plumpness and volume to your skin with just  4 to 6 sessions course.

Fabianas Hair & Beauty Salon :  Highlights and Colors
Are your tresses looking a bit dull and tired? Come on in at Fabiana Hair and Beauty salon for your Hi lights or Colors. Highlights and lowlights provide a great way to update your look without making too dramatic a change. Our hair professionals with over 20 years of experience of making tons of manes gorgeous and specializing in Hi lights;  will ensure the Hi lights or Colors will suit your look , features and add overall vivacity to your personality .  You will walk out with a perfect and gorgeous set of Hi lights that suit your taste and lifestyle. We offer a free haircut and blow dry for a full head of Hi lights or Color done at Fabiana Salon.  Call us at 04 -4572911 and book your appointment for a new YOU!

Price of the treatment: Full head for Hi lights is Dhs 455/-, Full head color is Dhs 325/  Duration: Hi lights- 2 and 1/2 hours. Head Color- 2 hours.

Spaces Spa & Salon : Relaxing Body Massage
Juggling different roles in everyday life can take a toll on anybody. Recommended for everyone with a hectic lifestyle and who don’t get enough time to de-stress, the 60 min Relaxing Body Massage at Spaces Salon & Spa is the perfect way to unwind those stiff muscles, aches and even nerve pain. This unique full body massage combines various techniques to harness and restore the vitality of the body allowing a positive flow of energy. The essential oil used for the massage is Eucalyptus oil, a natural anti – inflammatory agent  that help release muscular tension in the deeper layers of the muscles and connective tissues, calm the mind and induce deep relaxation.

Price of the treatment: 200 AED per person. Duration: 60 Minutes

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