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Perfect Polished Nails

Perfect Polished Nails

March 29th, 2013

Well manicured and painted nails make you popular among your friends and most noticed in the social setting. The appealing look that comes from a right polish colour perfectly matched with the skin tone enhances the beauty of your hands and gives an overall attractive and well groomed appearance.

With numerous brands available in the market in plenty of nail shades options, one can easily be confused. Coordinate the color you have chosen with your skin complexion and do not experiment with shades in an exaggerated manner as it is fatal for your look. SpaGenie learns to choose right nail shades from Sallyann Simmons, Beauty consultant, Spaces Salon.

The right colour can bring out the best in your skin tone, advices Simmons. “Especially if you don’t have the best hands, it can disguise imperfections. Some colours can make the hands look more aged or dull, thus it is important to find a colour to enhance your skin tone or nails.”

Simmons share her colour guide

Fair complexion: In this case, look for red, light-medium shades of purple and bright pink and not choose shades like dark blue, gold, green and yellow.

Medium tone complexion: If you have a medium tone to look for very bright and vibrant colors. Metallic side and bright shades of pink, blue and orange look appealing. Also look for metallic shades of light blue and silver. Avoid colours like red, navy blue and dark purples.

Tan complexion: For this type look for light shades of pink, purple and blue. Bright shades of pink and blue; and nail paint in light brown, chocolate brown shades and gold looks good as well. Stay away from shades like white, silver and orange.

Dark complexion: Colours like maroons, dark greens and reds tends to look the best on dark complexion. A chocolate brown that is not too dark can also look good. Avoid colours like white, silver and orange.

Head on to the spa/salon for a nice manicure

2013 nail art trends include floral patterns, polka dots – black and white, red and white, pink and black, two tone polish and nudes.

Handy tip to help manicure last longer

Wear gloves when washing up/ cleaning, apply oil everyday to cuticles, and add a clear shine top coat every other day to keep the shine and freshness.

Be ready to impress and inspire.

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