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Stop, Breathe, Acknowledge and let it go

Stop, Breathe, Acknowledge and let it go

November 18th, 2012

While all the good adjectives like affectionate, adorable, brave, charming, enthusiastic, fearless, generous, humorous, intelligent, passionate, quick-witted, warmhearted etc. are already taken by the men folk; we women are always left to stick on to the negative ones like aggressive, bitchy, arrogant, bossy, careless, cruel, dishonest, grumpy, jealous, mean, pessimistic, quarrelsome and what not! It’s always us women who take the crown for being the human being with the negative vibe. But it’s just that sometimes our hormones get on our nerves, that we find it hard to control our rage. And to your snide comment of “un-ladylike behavior” we have this in response; Anger Management with meditation. That’s right; we like to do everything the natural way and even when it comes to playing with emotions we keep it strictly natural!

Everyone gets angry and its normal but the madness is created when the anger crosses the border line and that is where we need to control it. Uncontrolled anger breaks career, relationship and even life so let’s figure out the magic to control anger with a simple act of meditation. What is meditation? It is the process of bringing the mind and body together as one to a state of peace, calmness and rest. Adopting meditation techniques will relieve the stress bust and anger from the chaos faced every day thus helping to manage thoughts and control emotion.

These techniques are simple and not something complicated that involves your body floating in mid air.  Simple breathing exercises have a whole lot of benefits; it relieves you of stress and eases the tension inside you. Take care that you watch your breath going in and out and always close your eyes while meditating for a sharp focus. Always sit in a very comfortable and quiet place where you will never be disturbed by anyone even your phone, so switch it off! You will find that it’s hard to concentrate in the beginning with many thoughts creeping up your mind but just ignore them and go back to breathing. If you come across any negative thoughts; just acknowledge it be aware of it and then let it go; breathe it out. You can practice this technique daily for five minutes and even at the unfortunate moment of become angry stop, breathe, acknowledge it and let it go (say that in mind while doing it).

Simply stretching your arms while sitting or standing will help you let loose of the rage. You will feel as if your anger is being pushed out of your body and through your fingertips. After that you can have repetitive breathing for a few moments and it will calm you down instantly. Don’t think it’s very easy girls because trying to focus and getting concentration requires a whole lot of practice. Practice makes it perfect and easier to control your emotions. Next time you face any anger let’s learn to control it and entrust the men with interesting titles.

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