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Thai massage for body flexibility & relaxation

Thai massage for body flexibility & relaxation

January 16th, 2013

Thai massage as the name indicates comprises not only the history, tradition, and culture of Thailand dating back to 2500 years but also incorporates the same from Indian and China as well. It is an ancient therapeutic treatment that will help heal the mind and the body. The Buddhist practitioners in northern India originally practiced the massage in the 1st and 2nd century BC, after which, it became popular in Thailand. It is one of the most popular massages searched for and hunted down in Dubai. As per experiences and reviews Thai massage makes a person feel more energetic, relaxing, and rigorous than any other form of massages. It is considered as one of the effective ways to distress and alleviate all the tension from your body as it promotes internal health and muscular flexibility.

This is because , the massage involves putting gentle pressure on the body along with a lot of stretching just like yoga without you doing all the work rather the therapist or masseuse does it all for you, which is why Thai massage is also called Thai yoga massage. And don’t worry you can wear clothes that you feel comfortable in as this massage does not make use of any oil.  The massage and pressure applied to joints stimulates various pressure points found all over the body . Thai massage also uses muscle compression, joint mobilisation, and acupressure during the massage treatment. Thai massage helps to relax, reduce stress, improve circulation, increase energy, flexibility, as well as improve the range of motion in your body.

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The energy lines in Thai Massage are called “Sens” and the pressure is naturally put using the therapists’ hands, knees, elbows and fingers on the body  through these Sen lines, because it is believed that diseases are cured and pain eradicated if Sen lines are massaged. They are considered to be the key to a happy and healthy life, blocked Sen create tension, illness, pain and even death. There are around 72,000 sens in the body out of which 10 are the most important and essential ones. All the stretching, massaging and pulling will make way for the energy to flow smoothly throughout the body, If the energy flow in your body is not disrupted you will experience perfect health and harmony in your life.

Irrespective of other massages, Thai massage is performed on the floor, on a mat rather than a table. The therapist will use their own body weight to apply pressure on the sen of the receiver. This is because Thai massage involves performing a lot of body positions, movements and hence not sensible or advisable to be done on the table. The massage involves applying pressure to the body using hands, elbow and  feet to stimulate those particular areas, pulling and stretching the limbs and body parts into yoga-like positions etc. A Thai massage usually lasts for one or two hours and even more.

Thai massage helps to increase blood circulation, detoxify and stimulate a stronger immunity system, reduce blood pressure levels, easy breathing and improve body posture and balance. Build better concentration and focus, more creativity and innovation and improve the mental state of well being with Thai massage.

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