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The invigorating salt scrub

The invigorating salt scrub

July 14th, 2013
Spa Review

In a world where the office is your life, the chair and the computer team up to give you a numb bum, cramped shoulders and pressure right in the center of your forehead. That’s why the spa is not only about a self-indulgent want but more of a need to seek some form of nirvana in a chaotic world.

If you’re a spa junkie, then you won’t mind driving up to the Desert Palm Retreat near Dragon Mart and into the concealed resort for an experience that will seduce your body into meditation.

The signature smell of lime fills the room upon entry. After a spacious and ruggedly luxurious walk down to the obscure spa you will enter a dimly lit room that gives the impression of serenity. Not overcrowded or tacky but simple and classy.

You will be pleasantly greeted by the receptionist, although the phone was not being attended to prior, and asked to fill out a form. The form is comprised of selections for musical styles with their descriptions and focus on specific body parts to cater to your individual needs when it comes to your massage.

A cold hand towel dipped in rosewater is offered to you upon arrival to begin your pampering session well. A selection of body oils in tiny bottles are labeled for your choosing upon desire and smell: soothing, firming, moisturizing, etc. You will also be asked of any conditions you may have for medical precautions.

What was initially scheduled as a Chamomile treatment as well as an Indian head massage transformed into the available services for the day: Turkish Salt Scrub and Lime Intuitive Massage. So my expectations for the initially planned treatments were minimal. My expectations were to come out relaxed and exfoliated either way. Exfoliation is a savior when it comes to my condition of bumpy, dry skin.

Afterwards, I was guided by the trusted hands of my masseuse. She led me to the changing room where I would wear a bath towel and disposable underwear. Into the relaxation room I went, shaded in a tranquil red. They offered me different types of tea and brought me their choice of the day: blueberry tea. I didn’t have much time to drink the tea and I must admit that I didn’t really understand what they were asking or describing. Although they described the treatments, it was short and with no proper advice or background given.

After soaking your feet in warm water with limes dribbled across the bowl and a lemon sorbet as a treat, you get a skin revitalizing treatment from head to toe. The Turkish Salt Scrub was 45 minutes of continuous exfoliation, isolating and nurturing each part of your body as a treatment of its own. The salt scrub is saturated with oils of eucalyptus, which should be applied in drops as its super strong, lavender and botanical elixirs. Afterwards, you enter the shower to wash off remaining residue and cleanse the skin for the oil to be easily spreadable and the skin to be tender during the massage.

The Lime Intuitive Massage has to be special since it’s named after the spa. It is done with rosewood massage tools that help relieve muscle tension, stimulating circulation and in turn giving the body balance. The massage focuses on the body parts where tension needs to be released the most, based on your choice.

The massage was soothing and helped release an inner tension with the delicate approach taken by the masseuse. The massaging of the legs felt cleansing and the facial massage was a tension lifting experience. The description I would hold onto the most is the description of my thoughts being clear due to ultimate relaxation.

After the treatment was done I was led to a room with your choice of a cold pool, a sauna and a hot chair. I chose the tiled hot chair looking out over the green lawn. It was the center of the chair emitting heat the most rather than touching all parts of the body so I didn’t sulk in it for long.

My first thought after the treatment was to feel my skin. Not to my surprise, it was smooth and soft. I felt calm and relaxed without a nerve wracking bone in my body. My advice: do the treatment at Lime Spa—it’s worth it!

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Sonia Abdulbaki is a full time PR executive at a multi-national organization and a dedicated writer with a passion for life’s artistic treats. She enjoys anything where food, nature and relaxation are involved. To her, spas are a chance for meditation and reflection–not to mention pampering!
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