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The Organic revitalization

The Organic revitalization

October 18th, 2013

I entered into a white array of walls and a fresh, modern feel of the reception area. It had a clean cut design with a painting of modern abstract art that had blots of colors splattered across the canvas. There was also a canvas with a      collage printed on it to represent the media coverage the spa received with a spotlight on the new approach to having a color experience.

It was explained to me that for the usual color experience treatment, three colors should be chosen from a stack of neatly pinned cards. Those three colors represented aspects of your personality and emotions that you are currently experiencing in your life.

However, for the Gloom Buster treatment there are certain colors used in order to create an experience that should lift the spirits and give revitalization and energy. I expected, solely from its name, a feeling of being energized and happy afterwards.

I entered into the dimmed hallway that still shone bright of positivity through its light wooden floors. It also showed positivity and light heartedness portrayed through the painting of the dancing girl on the far wall directly in line of sight. The girl was leaping on a large canvas with her arms stretched out in enlightenment and her head tipped back with freedom. Swirls of color shone around her, representing her positive and happy aura. I went into the changing room and the assistant advised me to choose the color of my choice for the robe. I chose green which I later came to find out represented freshness.

I was instructed to enter the private waiting and relaxation area while I waited for the spa therapist. The room was furnished with tan couches against a white wall with a similar collage canvas that hung in reception. Reading material was recommended. One turned out to be a picture book about how to utilize our love, care and kindness. This one made me feel innocently peace loving. The other was a pamphlet recommended by the assistant on how to utilize sleep and the scientific effects it has on health. It was really informative and I remembered a few tips taken from the article, such as sleeping in pitch darkness for a better good night’s rest.

While I waited I was told to help myself to some tea and nuts but then served some by the assistant. The tea was really delicious. The special ingredients were not to be revealed but it had the flavor of beetroot and explained to be an organic mix of various fruits and vegetables. It has to be the best tea I’ve ever had. I then followed the spa therapist into a small dim room surrounded by counters on the left and right sides. On the wall in front of me I saw a handful of colors and what they represent hanging on the wall.

A pamphlet with 14 colors and their representations was also given to me at the end of the treatment. Here’s what they mean:

  • Royal purple is for energy.
  • Gold is for confidence.
  • Yellow is for joy.
  • Emerald is for oxygen.
  • Turquoise is for serenity.
  • Pink is for tenderness.
  • Indigo is for clarity.
  • Violet is for balance.
  • White is for Purity.
  • Silver is for reparation.

The important colors to be described for the Gloom Buster treatment were red, blue and orange.

The therapist explained that orange was for creativity, red for vitality and blue for peace and calmness. Then she sprayed all three organic mixes into my hand for me to inhale. The refreshing scents immediately made me feel less tension in my forehead. Afterwards, there was a whiff of orange in the air that was nice to inhale during the massage.

A linen sheet was placed over me and used as a stimulant for when the therapist was holding down on center of body parts, like my knee, to shake me and shake off the stress lightly through the cloth. The massage consisted of long, kneading strokes and stretching the body afterwards. My back was given special attention by placing a warm towel stationed down the spine to compliment the cool oil dotted there.

I felt relief afterwards, without a tense muscle in my body and it was a refreshing and definitely a stress relieving experience. I didn’t feel like I had too much energy afterwards. I actually felt a bit sleepy. To me the colors were linked more to the psychological side of relaxation.

A comment card was given after the experience for the ratings of the service provided. It was good overall. After my spa experience I was also requested to choose three colors for a sample assessment. I chose bright yellow, green and red. I felt like it was a bit of a therapy session as it was explained to me that I was having digestion problems and I was stressed over a situation. Not quite on point, I must say, but a very pleasant spa experience.

For all spa going lovers, this one is definitely recommended for light hearted relaxation.

Spadunya Club is a fitness center and spa located in JBR. “Dunya” in Arabic means world so the name is translated to mean “Spa World”. The name represents the positive, new age spirit of the spa.

The Gloom Buster! This is Spadunya’s latest creation using our award winning, innovative Organic brand – Altearah Bio. The Gloom Buster is a series of 3 wellness massage treatments using Orange, Gold and Green colours which will create a quick and effective energy shift in the mind, body and spirit.

Orange oils are good to create happiness, feeling of lightness, bloom and sensuality, combined with different serums and perfumes, this treatment will leave you feeling completely tension free in the back area while revitalizing, recharging and energizing you. Perfumes and pure Himalayan Salts will be given for home use to continue the wellness journey.  Recommended for additional benefit, is a Yoga session once a week, (two days after treatment).

Spa offer:

The Gloom Buster Package: Series of three wellness massage treatments + 3 products for home use for AED785. Three sessions of Yoga specially priced for AED105 with this package. Total for 3 sessions for 3 weeks AED890!

Push yourself into a happy, confident and creative mode with The Gloom Buster.

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