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The Pocket Guide To Snacking Smart

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The Pocket Guide To Snacking Smart

September 30th, 2014

Surprising as it might sound, snacking is actually good for you! It helps boost your metabolism, which allows your body to burn fat faster.

The problem with snacking though is that most people do it all wrong! You can be eating every hour if you want to, as long as you munch on some healthy snacks. So how do you make the switch from unhealthy to healthy? By getting smart.

Keep a food journal

Record everything that you eat every day. You’ll be surprised how effective this can be, even if you just do it for a couple of weeks. It makes a big difference when you are hyper aware of every thing you put into your body. Soon, you will start seeing patterns of when you tend to snack and what you reach for.

Snack slow

Ever had a bag full of chips that you’ve just gobbled down? The key to snacking is to munch at an easy and relaxed pace. Chew slowly and take your time to enjoy and really taste what you are eating. Your body actually takes around 20 minutes to register that it’s satisfied, so gulping down your food can actually lead to overeating.

Keep temptation at arms length

Stop purchasing the unhealthy snacks you tend to reach for. We’ve all bought that box of cookies that we promised we would just keep for special occasions, but it always ends up being the first thing we reach for when looking for a quick snack. Stock up on healthier snacks instead – you are guaranteed to eat more of what is easily available around you.

Don’t give up on unhealthy treats

Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to completely give up on your love for cookies. Trying to totally cut something out of your diet won’t work, and you’ll most likely end up raiding the chocolate section at the supermarket after a few weeks. Instead, allow yourself to have these little treats. But they are called treats for a reason – they should only come by once or twice in a week, and should be taken in moderation. Fancy a cookie? Grab one to satisfy the craving instead of finishing the whole box as your midday “snack”.

If you’re confused about what to replace your unhealthy snacks with, read our post for five healthy snacks we recommend.

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