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The Spa Escape

The Spa Escape

April 4th, 2013

I think of the Spa day till now, and will remember it forever. I thank my daughter and son for it forever, as both took care of the business while my husband and I went for our spa treatment. The special time we spend together, I cherish for all my life, says Suad Alhalwachi (Ms), Director, Education Zone.

It was November, and I knew that Piestany, Slovakia would be cold, and my husband’s damaged shoulder would give him lots of trouble in the cold weather, but we took our chance and went anyway.  It didn’t rain the whole week, and we had the best time of our life.

The treatment started the next day, I chose the massages, hot pools, mud pools and mirror pool, while my husband choose the steam rooms,  physiotherapy, electrotherapy and the famous mud packs. The mirror pool is literally a hot indoor pool with soft classic music, and you have to sit in the water and meditate, you are not allowed to swim in the pool and also you are not allowed to talk. The mud pool is similar to the hot water pool but instead it has mud mixed with it, and very slimy, of course it was slimy in a comfortable way, I loved the feeling of mud on my skin.

At the beginning I was terrified as I thought that with mud comes worms and insects, and then my reasoning comforted me as the hot water would have killed any worm that even thought of sticking to the mud.  The mud pack is great too, as they bring this hot mud from the famous mineral water area, and cover you with it, it gives a good feeling, however when you want to shower the problems will start as you need a very long time to clean your skin from all the mud sticking on it.  For days though you do not require any moisturizer or creams to apply on your body, the mud makes it as soft as a baby’s skin.

The evening would be full of fun, great dinners, walks in town and lots of homemade ice creams. The town itself is tiny, but full of life, and people come to it from all parts of the world just to drink its mineral water, which is supposed to cleans the whole body as well as the intestines. Also the food that was provided ensures that you are having only 1200 calories, but of course sneaking those extra scoops of ice creams and famous waffles the town is known for ensured us of the extra calories that were missing from our main meals.

Of course the walks, the yoga and the other exercises that we did helped my husband’s shoulder to recover, as for me; I had to try the facials and cellulite treatments. The whole thing was well worth it.  Don’t forget that we had to go shopping too; a trip is not complete if we don’t hunt the shops to find special treats from a town forgotten by the world.

This is an unforgettable moment for me, since me and my husband had a quality time away out of our busy life just to relax and rejuvenate in exotic spa settings.

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