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Time for a Chamomile Bliss

Time for a Chamomile Bliss

July 6th, 2013

Whether it’s your favourite floral shorts or it’s a sleeveless summer dress that makes the otherwise sweaty summertime, a moment to rejoice and style out, this season is certainly the best time to get those entire bright coloured outfits out of your closet. But most times women become very conscious to wear their most desirable outfits as they prefer to hide their not so supple looking skin under the layer of clothing.

If you are the one who always desired of a smooth, flawless and youthful skin to flaunt around in your favourite summer attire, then the Chamomile body polish is especially designed for you to cater your needs. You will discover a revitalized skin that was lost under busy stressful lifestyle, where caring for the skin becomes the last priority for many. The gentle and fragrant chamomile body polish treatment ensures to bring back a soothing, calming and hydrated looking skin within your reach.

Know the procedure

The 45minutes Chamomile body polish treatment involves two steps: the full body exfoliation using a gentle Chamomile scrub combined with a loofah. The treatments starts with the gentle Chamomile scrub the followed by the loofah scrub, afterwards a warm shower a moisture application is done to hydrate the skin. It is recommended to use the sauna and/or steam room prior to the treatment to have full benefit of the body polish, but it is not recommended for pregnant ladies to use the steam room or sauna.

Know the ingredients

The soothing properties of the chamomile properties keep the skin soft while the granular volcanic ash removes the dead skin cells.

Sound advice

As with any body treatment, it is recommended to avoid the sun or use a SPF protection.


The treatment should be avoided after any sunburn or while open skin lesions, however, it is safe for all skin types and safe for pregnant ladies.

What: Chamomile Body Polish

Where: Lime Spa at The Desert Palm Hotel

Location: Desert Palm Hotel, Hatta Road Dubai

Book a treatment: http://www.spagenie.ae

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