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Tone your body

Tone your body

September 22nd, 2013

With increasing hours of behind the desk jobs and limited time at hand to move out for a real workout, reshaping those hard to tone areas can become a daunting task. Being in shape is the ultimate desire of many but achieving those hard to reach targets can become challenging in everyday lifestyle. This is where time at the spa comes as a savior to aid you into being dressed in those skinny stylish clothes that you always desired to wear.

SpaGenie looks at the slimming treatment offered and created by Spadunya that is designed for people who have cellulite particularly on the tummy and hips and want to focus their treatment in that area. We all are busy and sometimes lazy and need to get straight to the point in our beauty regimen. This treatment comes as a handy solution for those reshaping issues.

Know the process

The sauna pants are worn to heat the area and the oil we use is particularly to work on cellulite. We use special Altearah Bio Oils and through the special essential oils we work on the cellulite and focus on the area in question. It is advisable to continue using the Oil after the treatment.

Sound advice

The treatment is totally safe but it’s not recommended for pregnant women.

What: Butt and Body Reshape

Where: Spadunya

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence, Shams 1 – Plaza Level

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