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Ultimate fitness companion

Ultimate fitness companion

June 13th, 2013

The Miha Bodytec, originally from Germany, is an innovative, advanced and highly effective fitness product for body shaping, muscle strengthening and weight loss. This premium fitness gadget is an Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training device that gives an intense whole body work out in only 20 minutes. It is the market leader in EMS training with a global sale of more than 12,000 pieces in last few years.

Miha Bodytec is the first device of its kind to come to the Middle East and has seen a rapid expansion in people inquiring and buying Miha Bodytec. This product has been hugely successful in Europe and now the Swiesner’s revolutionize the fitness industry is becoming popular within the Middle East.

It has a versatile approach and anybody can use the Miha Bodytec. It’s for weight loss, body toning, slimming, injured and elderly clients. Whether you are a professional athlete or a novice sports person, the Miha Bodytec can suit everyone.

Get a workout in 20-minutes

This product is completely different to any other product on the market as you get a whole body workout in only 20 minutes. There are ten sets of electrodes placed all over the body target the problematic fat areas such as the abdominals, inner thighs, buttocks, back and upper arms.

With other fitness equipment you can only train one muscle group at one time but with Miha Bodytec you can train all your muscles simultaneously to give you the most effective work out you have ever had. Also many professional athletes use Miha Bodytec within their training regime to increase lean muscle mass and enhance strength for their chosen sport.

Diversified features

The Miha Bodytec has a range of intensity settings for training – be it a beginner or an advanced client. The cellulite metabolism program gives a continuous electrical impulse into the surrounding muscle that increases fat burning in only 20 minutes.

Its relaxation program gives a deep massage into the muscle and helps with blood circulation and recovery after a hard workout. Miha Bodytec is great home training device, and additionally training tool within a gym or as a stand-alone device within a spa or studio. However, it’s advised to consult your local gym or studio prior to taking any Miha Bodytec sessions.

Product availability

The product is available at Swiesner Trading LLC in Dubai and training and delivery will also be included within the price of the device. Also several locations in Dubai offer a Miha Bodytec training, such as Miha Me Dubai, Fit Lab, My 30 Minutes, Elche Spa,  Adam Vital to name a few.

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