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Top 5 Kendall Jenner Exercises To Transform Your Body

Top 5 Kendall Jenner Exercises To Transform Your Body

March 25th, 2017
Fitness, Workouts

At 1.78m (5ft8ins) and weighing 54kg, Kendall Jenner has a supermodel figure that every girl envies but secretly desires to own.

It’s not just her genes that contribute to her great figure, Kendall also works really hard to look good and maintain her toned body.

The secret behind her perfect figure is not any crash diet, but a combination of regular workouts and healthy eating. Here are the top 5 Kendall Jenner exercises that can help you transform your body, and achieve the perfect shape.

Pull-Ups: These are one of the highly efficient exercises forms that help you develop quality muscles, power, explosiveness and body awareness. Each single pull up works out your biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, grip strength, shoulders, and your core.

High-Intensity Cardio: This calls for doing challenging moves such as burpees in quick succession for shorter intervals. It is the hardest, but the most effective way to burn calories quickly.

Squats: This exercise form focuses on strength-training to increase your muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be, and the faster you will burn calories.

Lateral Banded Exercises: You can do the lateral branded exercise using a special rubber loop or the DIY-style with tights tied at the feet and double looped. This exercise works on your inner and outer thighs when you position the band right above the knees and move from side to side by creating extra resistance.

Deadlifts: This form involves bending forward from your waist to engage the back of your thighs. Deadlifts are the perfect move for lifting the butt, quite like Jenner’s.

Try any of these Kendall Jenner moves and get red-carpet ready in no time.

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