SpaGenie Gift Card Program

Did you know that 33% of new spa business is generated from gift cards? Make sure your spa is tapping into this market to increase revenue and acquire new customers.

We sell thousands of gift cards every month that are only redeemable at SpaGenie Partner Spa’s.

By enrolling into our Partner Spa program, you get an opportunity to increase your spas footfall by attracting SpaGenie Gift Card holders.

How it works

When a SpaGenie Gift Card is redeemed at your spa, you are reimbursed 70% of the gift card value.

SpaGenie Gift Cards should be redeemed at the beginning of the appointment by logging into your SpaGenie Business profile, and entering the Gift Card code in the Gift Card redemption page.

Once redeemed, you will receive an email confirmation for your records, and the gift card payment is made to your spa.

Your business dashboard comprises of a Gift Card redemption panel, where you can see a complete history of all gift cards redeemed, and the payment status for each gift card.

You will also be able to generate reports and evaluate the revenue generated through the SpaGenie Gift Card program.

Joining the SpaGenie Gift Card program is one of the best ways to generate additional revenue, with absolutely no effort and no cost!