Use your Gift Card

What happens when I purchase a SpaGenie Gift Card for someone?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation that your Gift Card has been sent to the recipient email. Please ensure that you have entered the email address correctly.

Where can I use SpaGenie Gift Cards?

SpaGenie gift cards are redeemable at all SpaGenie Partner Spa Locations. To search for locations accepting the SpaGenie Gift Card, check our list of Partner Spa’s.

How do I redeem my SpaGenie Gift Card?

Redeeming your SpaGenie Gift Card is simple - just book an appointment at any of our Partner Spa locations and present your printed Gift Card to get it redeemed.

If you would like to use your Gift Card to redeem a product, package or retreat on SpaGenie, make sure you have registered and logged in to your SpaGenie user account. During your checkout process, select the option to “Use Your SpaGenie Gift Card to Redeem This”.

Do SpaGenie Gift Cards expire?

Yes, the SpaGenie Gift Card is valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. Make sure you check the expiry on your Gift Card

Can SpaGenie Gift Cards be used more than once?

No, the SpaGenie Gift Cards are for one-time use only. It is recommended to state you are using a Gift Card and present it at the start of the appointment to avoid any disappointments.

What happens if the Gift Card value exceeds the cost of the services/treatments booked?

The value of the Gift Card is for one time use only. If the full value of the Gift Card is not used, no cash-back will be provided for the pending amount. However, you can speak to the spa where you are using the Gift Card and request for the balance amount to be adjusted on your next visit. If the value of the Gift Card has exceeded, you may settle the balance amount with the spa by cash/credit card.

Can I redeem my SpaGenie Gift Card at a spa that is not a SpaGenie Partner Spa?

No - SpaGenie Gift Cards are only accepted by SpaGenie Partner Spa’s. You can confirm if a Spa is part of our Partner Spa Program at the time of booking.

What happens if a Spa listed on SpaGenie does not accept my SpaGenie Gift Card?

All spa’s in the SpaGenie Partner Spa program should adhere to our policies and accept the SpaGenie Gift Cards. If your Gift Card is not accepted at a SpaGenie Partner Spa location, you may file a complaint by emailing

I was given a SpaGenie Gift Card, but it is under the name of another person. Will I still be able to use it?

Yes, as long as you have the printed Gift Card and it is unused, it can be redeemed by anyone that presents it.

The SpaGenie Gift Card was not delivered to the recipient's email address - What should I do?

Please ask the intended recipient to check their Spam/Junk folder, and also check their Promotions folder if using Gmail. If the voucher is still not found, you can request us to resend the voucher by emailing

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