Anantara Spa at Eastern Mangroves

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Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi (View Location)

  • Free Parking
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Couple Room
  • Locker Room
  • Hammam
  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Wifi
  • Steam
  • Beach Access
  • Showers
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

10 AM To 12 PM

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  • Elemis Superfood Pro- Radiance Facial

    BOOK 630 AED 60 mins
    ELEMIS SUPERFOOD PRO-RADIANCE (60 minutes) A nutritional boost rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven to leave skin plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.
  • Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

    BOOK 690 AED 60 mins
    Recommended for blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial facial scarring and fine lines. This groundbreaking facial instantly resurfaces and smoothes the skin. Clinically proven to visibly resurface by up to 75% and increase skin smoothness by up to 32% after just 1 treatment.
  • 3-Max Facial

    BOOK 690 AED 75 mins
    Recommended for Anti Aging This facial treatment is a non-surgical facelift that includes ultrasonic and hydra jet peel *Subject to 10% Service Charge, 6% Tourism Fee and 4% Municipality Fee.
  • Pro Collagen Age Defy

    BOOK 730 AED 75 mins
    Enjoy an anti-wrinkle facial with proven results. Special lifting massage techniques are combined with professional strength anti-ageing formulations for maximum treatment efficacy, leaving a firmer, uplifted and more youthful looking appearance.
  • Elemis High Performance Skin Energiser For Men

    BOOK 730 AED 75 mins
    ELEMIS HIGH PERFORMANCE SKIN ENERGISER FOR MEN (60 minutes) The hard-working facial for ageing, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. It maximizes cell regeneration, as steam and extraction decongests. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst scalp and foot massage deeply relax.
  • Signature Hydracool Facial

    BOOK 820 AED 75 mins
    SIGNATURE HYDRACOOL FACIAL (75 minutes) HydraCool, the newest technology in skincare using the power of water, consists of a high pressure water jet that enables infusion of water, oxygen and active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, providing rapid improvement. Skin is left firmer and smoother with the help of this multi-functional device combination of 8-in-1 skin and scalp treatment system. The process is completely non-invasive and can be applied on all skin types, even the most sensitive. HydraCool session regenerates and revitalizes skin’s natural elasticity.
  • Bespoke Meso and Oxygen Infusion Therapy by SRSTM Hydracool

    BOOK 850 AED 75 mins
    BESPOKE MESO AND OXYGEN INFUSION THERAPY BY SRSTM HYDRACOOL (75 minutes) This cosmetic micro needling procedure is non-invasive and easily introduces nutrients into the skin, now enhanced with added infusion aided by oxygen and ultrasound. Our skin care specialist will customise a cocktail from SRS’s extensive line of cosmeceutical ampoules. Designed to treat expression lines, crow’s feet, hyper pigmentation, skin laxity and wrinkles. Results are immediate after the first session.
  • Indian Head and Scalp Massage

    BOOK 500 AED 45 mins
    INDIAN HEAD AND SCALP MASSAGE (45 minutes) Combining both gentle and stimulating techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm. Choose from a selection of hair oils to calm or invigorate your scalp and mind.
  • Oriental Foot Reviver

    BOOK 500 AED 45 mins
    Experience holistic revitalisation and deep relaxation as your therapist applies specific thumb and finger techniques to various reflex points on the feet, which effectively stimulate corresponding organs in the upper body.
  • Stress Release Massage

    BOOK 600/840 AED 60 / 90 mins
    Soothe achy tired muscles and decompress. This tailor- made massage incorporates a blend of essential oils to remove lactic acid build-up and relieve pain and stiffness caused by physical and emotional life stressors. Medium pressure
  • Arabian Massage

    BOOK 610/870 AED 60 / 90 mins
    With a focus on the body’s pressure points, using forearm techniques and Thai stretches, this massage releases muscle tension and pain. Enhances vital energy levels. Medium to firm pressure
  • Traditional Thai Massage

    BOOK 610/870 AED 60 / 90 mins
    Dry massage performed on a traditional low rise solid oak Thai massage bed. The Traditional Thai Massage is the perfect answer for anyone searching for optimal health. Firm pressure
  • Anantara Signature Massage

    BOOK 630/900 AED 60/90 mins
    Aroma-oil massage, incorporating specialised techniques, designed to restore the flow of energy and balance along the meridian lines to promote deep relaxation. Light to medium pressure
  • Neom De-stress Candle Massage

    BOOK 650/870 AED 60/90 mins
    NEOM DE-STRESS CANDLE MASSAGE (60 minute / 90 minutes) Melt stress away, literally. Anantara Spa teams up with Neom to offer a new De-Stress Experience combining relaxing aromatherapy, meditation and massage techniques. Allow tension to drift away and appease body and mind with the organic Neom Real Luxury™ fragrance, a complex blend of the purest possible essential oils including lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood, all expertly blended to help you feel calm and banish stress the moment you step in the room.
  • Mother to be Massage

    BOOK 750 AED 75 mins
    MOTHER TO BE MASSAGE (75 minutes) A gently nurturing, specially formulated massage for mothers-to-be that deeply relaxes to ease tension and stress put on the body during pregnancy. Calming strokes will increase circulation, easing any areas of fluid retention and inflammation.
  • Aroma Hot Stone Massage

    BOOK 750 AED 75 mins
    A unique combination of aromatherapy oils and heated volcanic stones, to ease away deep muscular pain.
  • Scents of Arabia Signature Ritual

    BOOK 910 AED 90 mins
    SCENTS OF ARABIA SIGNATURE RITUAL Medium to Firm pressure (90 minutes) Indulge in a full body Arabesque Massage using your choice of aroma infused argan oil blends. A unique three mint herbal compress and heated bamboo sticks are then skillfully incorporated to knead out daily tension. 15-min steam • Bamboo and herbal compress massage
  • Hair and Scalp Repair

    BOOK 380 AED 30 mins
    Regenerating treatment for hair roots and scalp to enhance the hydration of the scalp and promote keratin production. Specifically designed to help treat hair loss associated to dry scalp and severely damaged hair. Series of nine sessions are recommended for full regeneration.
  • 3-Max

    BOOK 605 AED 60 mins
    3-MAXTM utilises the integrated core functions of Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Vacuum technology to offer effective results in cellulite reduction, body sculpting and collagen regeneration. Package: six 60 minute sessions, inclusive of three 30 minute lymphatic drainage massages on treated areas, personal fitness assessment and nutritional plan
  • Arosha Inch Loss Body Wrap

    BOOK 815 AED 90 mins
    AROSHA INCH LOSS BODY WRAP (75 minutes) A result driven, pain-free slimming wrapping technology using presoaked bandages that targets all stages of cellulite, water retention, detoxification, skin elasticity, and stretch marks. Lose up to 3 cm overall after the first session only.
  • Coolshaping (Cryolipolysis)

    BOOK 860 AED 60 mins
    Rid yourself of those stubborn fatty deposits with CoolShaping (cryolipolysis) to destroy the fat cells and sculpt/contour your body. The procedure is completely non-surgical, so you can typically return to normal activities immediately. Package: Three 60 minute sessions, inclusive of three 30 minute lymphatic drainage massages on treated areas, personal fitness assessment and nutritional plan
  • Ultimate Fat Reduction Package

    BOOK 4600 AED 90 mins
    BMI Assessment, 3 x 30 minute lymphatic drainage massages on treated areas, personal fitness assessment and nutritional plan. The package also includes 3 x 60 min Coolshaping sessions and 6 x 60 min 3-Max sessions
  • Traditional Turkish Hammam

    BOOK 525 AED 45 mins
    Relax like a sultan under the supervision of our skillful Hammam specialists. This treatment includes Steam and sauna, Kese mitt exfoliation, Olive oil soap foam massage, Hair shampoo and conditioning, and served with Aryan and Turkish refreshments
  • Exotic Lime and Ginger Body Scrub

    BOOK 630/899 AED 60/90 mins
    EXOTIC LIME AND GINGER BODY SCRUB (60 minutes / 90 minutes with oil massage) A deeply cleansing salt scrub that encourages cell regeneration for the softest, smoothest, most nourished skin.
  • Vichy Treatments: Desert Sand Body Scrub

    BOOK 630/899 AED 60 / 90 mins
    Travel to the desert without moving a muscle. This unique scrub will gently exfoliate your skin with precious desert sand to remove dead skin cells, while the full body application with intense nourishing Argan Oil infused Shea Butter will restore moisture and balance, leaving the skin soft, supple and radiant.
  • Firming Coffee Body Scrub

    BOOK 630/899 AED 60/90 mins
    FIRMING COFFEE BODY SCRUB (60 minutes / 90 minutes with oil massage) Allow the heated rain shower of the Vichy treatment combined with the invigorating scents of Organic Coffee to tone and purify the body whilst Lime uplifts the senses. Complete your exfoliation with a luxurious application of Elemis Cellutox body oil.
  • Royal Ottoman Hammam

    BOOK 660 AED 60 mins
    Choose to enhance the traditional ritual with a natural honey, sesame and lavender body mask. This treatment includes Steam and sauna, Kese mitt exfoliation, Olive oil soap foam massage, Hair and scalp mask, Honey and Lavender mask, and served with Aryan and Turkish refreshments
  • Anantara Signature Hammam

    BOOK 660/1150 AED 60/120 mins
    ANANTARA SIGNATURE HAMMAM (60 minutes for Hammam only / 2 hours including a full body massage) This six-step ritual combines traditional Turkish elements and incorporates an array of organic, detoxifying body treatments to leave you feeling indulgently cleansed and nourished. Olive Black soap application. Sauna and steam • Kese mitt exfoliation • Aromatic Rhassoul clay mask • Hair shampoo, conditioning, hair and scalp mask • Pressure point face and head massage • Olive foam massage • Coffee body polish • Cooling final rinse • Turkish refreshments Enhance your signature Hammam with a massage incorporating Rose and Sandal infused Argon oil.
  • Moroccan Inspired Hammam Ritual

    BOOK 660/1150 AED 60/120 mins
    This Hammam treatment includes Olive black soap application, Steam, Kessa mitt exfoliation, Volcanic lava Rhassoul clay wrap, Hair Shampoo, Mask, Scalp massage and face mask, and Double exfoliation with a desert sand and Argan oil blend. Enhance your journey with a soothing full body massage with your preferred choice of aromatherapy infused Argan oil.
  • Group Hammam

    BOOK 690 AED 60 mins
    The Social Hammam is a fully private traditional Hammam, where guests are treated to cold bottled water, fresh juices and fresh fruit platters. This treatment is perfect for weddings, birthdays, or group socialising. Time is tailored to the number of people joining the social gathering. For our Social Hammam, a minimum of 4 people are required.
  • Eye Care

    BOOK 190 AED 20 mins
    This treatment targets the delicate area around the eyes which needs that extra special care. Fill in the fine lines and wrinkles, brighten and tighten the eye area with the help of a powerhouse cocktail made of anti- oxidants and regenerating ingredients. *Subject to 10% Service Charge, 6% Tourism Fee and 4% Municipality Fee.
  • Spa Package - Time Out For Men

    BOOK 1150 AED 120 mins
    Combine an Elemis Skin IQ Men’s Facial with a Deep Tissue or Well-Being Massage to improve total body performance. This package comprises of 60 minute deep pressure or wellbeing massage and Elemis Skin IQ facial
  • Spa Package - Essence of Thailand

    BOOK 1150 AED 120 mins
    Let go of tension as your therapist stretches your body, bringing you closer to your physical balance. This package comprises of 90 minute Thai Herbal Compress massage and 30 minute Oriental Foot Reviver
  • Private Couples Massage

    BOOK 1255/1570 AED 60/90 mins
    PRIVATE COUPLES MASSAGE (60 minutes) Enjoy relaxing time side by side with a stress release massage using aromatic oil and tailor-made massage techniques.
  • Private Couples Hammam

    BOOK 1380 AED 60 mins
    PRIVATE COUPLES HAMMAM (60 minutes) Alone time shared in splendour. Experience any choice of our 60 minute Hammam Rituals in the privacy of our Hammam room booked exclusively for you and your partner. Choose between Royal Ottoman, Anantara Signature or Moroccan Hammam
  • Spa Package - Bespoke Spa Essentials

    BOOK 1380 AED 150 mins
    Customise your very own spa package which is comprised of all the spa basics to ease tension from the mind and body. This package comprises of 60 minute massage, 60 minute Elemis facial, and 30 minute treatment upgrade of choice.
  • Couple Treatment - Anantara Couples Romance

    BOOK 1885 AED 90 mins
    Specialised techniques designed to restore the flow of energy, and prana, along the meridian lines and promote deep relaxation. Then relax in a soothing, candle lit, romantic milk bath infused with aromatic oils and rose petals. This package comprises of a Signature massage, aromatic milk bath, and romantic set-up
  • Couple Treatment - Couples Bliss

    BOOK 2010 AED 90 mins
    Enjoy the side by side indulgence of the 60 minute stress release massage using aromatic oil and tailor-made massage techniques combined with a 30 minute Elemis facial. This package comprises of a Stress Release massage, Elemis express facial, and romantic set-up
  • Spa Package - Arabian Dynasty

    BOOK 2135 AED 240 mins
    Combining all the elements of the spa for the ultimate Arabian experience. This package comprises of 60 minute Royal Ottoman Hammam, 90 minute relaxing massage, healthy lunch, and 60 minute Elemis facial
  • Couple Treatment - Couples Arabian Escape

    BOOK 2325 AED 120 mins
    For a truly memorable Arabian retreat. This spa package comprises of a Royal Ottoman Hammam, Arabian massage, and romantic set-up
  • Spa Package - Bridal Package

    BOOK 2385 AED 270 mins
    BRIDAL PACKAGE (4.5 hours) Look your best with the assistance of this head to toe body transformation package. Anantara Signature or Moroccan Hammam • Stress Release Massage using Rose and Sandalwood infused Argan oil • Inch-loss body wrap • Signature HydraCool Facial • Healthy raw juice