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  • Microcurrent Non Surgical Facelift

    BOOK 300 AED
    An anti ageing treatment that uses a low level of electricity called a Microcurrent to resculpt the face without the need for surgery. It works by dramatically reducing fine line and wrinkles while improving the tone and elasticity of the skin.
  • Microdermabrasion

    BOOK 400 AED
    Microdermabrasion treatment uses a hand-held device that delivers tiny crystals at high velocity onto the skin’s surface. This action reduces dead skin cells from face, chest, shoulders, and back, while stimulating the production of collagen but without using chemicals or laser.
  • Transderm Ionta Needle Free Mesotherapy

    BOOK 800 AED
    This form of Mesotherapy delivers the same medications as the traditional version but without injecting them into the skin. Instead, low energy electro pulses are used, resulting in all the benefits without the bruises or skin colour changes that can occur with the use of needles.
  • Brightening LPG Glow

    BOOK 350 AED
    Brightening LPG Glow activates tissues and cells in the face, greatly assisting the process of face lifts, collagen activation and eye lift.
  • Ultra Peel Microdermabrasion

    BOOK 400 AED
    Our Ultra Peel Microdermabrasion reduces dead or damaged skin cells with a blast of fine microcrystals, leaving your skin looking younger, brighter and healthier!
  • Transderma Needle Free Mesotherapy

    BOOK 800 AED
    This treatment uses dermo-electroporation technology that aids rejuvenation of the skin, hydration, pigmentation and other anti-ageing therapies.
  • LPG Collagen Activator

    BOOK 350 AED
    Sagging skin on the facial area is a problem which can detract from the outline of our features such as the cheekbone and the chin. This can now be addressed using the latest technology, thanks to the LPG Collagen Activator treatment we offer here at SlimSpa.
  • LPG Eye Lift

    BOOK 300 AED
    Our LPG Eye Lift is a new procedure that lifts and lightens the skin around the eyes, rejuvenating the face and making you look more youthful.
  • Anti Cellulite Massage

    BOOK 300 AED
    The Anti Cellulite Massage works by incorporating deep pressure to break up fatty lumps that cause dimpling of the skin. Once these fat deposits are broken down, the body’s natural drainage system flushes them out of the system - reducing dimples of these dimples, leaving you sculpted and free from the plague of cellulite.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    BOOK 350 AED
    By gently manipulating specific parts of the body using rhythmic movements in a relaxing and calming environment, we are able to effectively improve the functioning of your lymphatic system, especially helping it to restore and heal after a medical procedure. Even after just one session, you are likely to start noticing a difference, where you will feel less bloated and swollen, as well as noticeably slimmer and lighter.
  • Relaxation Massage

    BOOK 250 AED
    We use a soothing blend of oils to manipulate tired and over-worked muscles, reducing body tension and pain.
  • Mesotherapy For Hair Fall

    BOOK 850 AED
    Mesotherapy for hair fall is perfect for a range of hair-related problems including pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia and hair loss. This treatment has a positive impact on the hair itself and encourages healthy growth and reparation, leaving hair looking beautifully glossy and rejuvenated. Aside from that, Mesotherapy for Hair Fall will also help reduce the rate of hair loss and leave your locks with enhanced volume, texture and shine.
  • Cooltech

    BOOK 2,000 AED
    Recommended for Fat Reduction and Inch Loss Cooltech uses a cooling technology to safely freeze and kill fat cells underneath the skin. The frozen cells are then simply flushed out naturally by your body over the following weeks and months – leaving a slimmer you.
  • Cavitation

    BOOK 700 AED
    Recommended for Fat Reduction and Inch Loss This non-surgical technique is fast establishing a reputation as a preferred alternative to liposuction. Essentially, ultrasonic cavitation uses sound waves to attack the cells of fat that are stored underneath the skin, breaking them down into a liquid that the body can then liquid that the body can then reduce by way of its own plumbing – the lymphatic system. Cavitation can be used on the face, chin, neck, stomach, hips, buttocks, arms and many other problem areas and it has an immediate effect. Most sessions last for less than an hour and you can achieve the best results over the course of several sessions
  • Venus BEAM

    BOOK 700 AED
    Recommended for Fat Reduction The Venus B.E.A.M. treatment uses stimulation from electrical impulses to create muscle contractions over a 30 minute period, gradually increasing their frequency. All you will feel is a small tingling sensation as a result. If you are looking for a fast and effective method of spot fat reduction, the Venus B.E.A.M. can make the difference you are looking for to body areas like the hips, thighs and stomach.
  • Velasmooth Pro

    BOOK 850 AED
    Recommended for Spot Fat Reduction, Inch Loss, and Cellulite Reduction Velasmooth Pro works with both radiofrequency and infrared light, while it massages you using its roller and vacuum combo. The heat and radio frequencies acts in unison to shrink fat cells and improve the metabolism of fatty tissues, combating cellulite.
  • Eporex Mesotherapy

    BOOK 850 AED
    Recommended for Inch Loss and Cellulite Reduction The Eporex Mesotherapy is a non-invasive machine that introduces high concentrations of actives into deep tissues in your skin. These enriching nutrients are then utilised by cells to prevent cellular damage, inhibit bacteria and ameliorate collagen and skin elasticity. These fibres are complemented by additional deposits of hyaluronic acid, which encourages the healthy circulation of vital nutrients to your skin cells.
  • LPG Endermologie

    BOOK 350 AED
    Recommended for Full Body Slimming LPG Endermologie resculpts and tones your body, thanks to the deeper biological responses which are triggered by the mechanical roll’s stimulation. It can halt the slowing of elastin and collagen fibre production by the skin’s fibroblasts, leading to firming of the skin around the body.
  • Velasmooth

    BOOK 600 AED
    Recommended for Fat Reduction, Inch Loss, Cellulite Reduction, Toning & Tightening Velasmooth is a non-invasive medical device that has proven to penetrate fatty tissues, reducing fat from the body. It uses radio frequency energy and infrared light to make the skin elastic. Heat is allowed to pass through the fat, contouring the body and creating a more flattering shape.
  • Combinal

    BOOK 300 AED
    Recommended for Toning & Tightening Our Combinal treatment can break down fat, tone your muscles, tighten loose and sagging skin, and reduce excess cellulite. The breakdown of fat is enabled by the chemical breakdown of the cells themselves, all thanks to the intense period of muscle exercise you will undergo, without having to break a sweat.
  • Infrared Slimming Tunnel

    BOOK 300 AED
    Recommended for Full Body Slimming The Infrared Slimming Tunnel is a high-tech machine that has wowed clients in some of the most prestige spas and treatment centres in the world. This treatment works by heating your body and boosting your natural circulation. In turn, this helps your body release toxins and waste from the body in addition to stubborn fat cells. Whilst lying down and relaxing, your body will work to the equivalent of a 3 mile run and you’ll leave feeling light, confident and energised.