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Tourist Club Area (Al Zahiyah), Abu Dhabi (View Location)

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  • 1001 Flowers Radiance Moisturizing Beauty Treatment

    BOOK 319 AED 60 mins
    The face receives a delicious massage with a Thousand Flower Monoi Balm, followed by an ultra-gentle rich mask that infuses the skin with moisture. Orchid – Mourera – White Lilly
  • Floral Softness Replenishing Soothing Beauty Treatment

    BOOK 319 AED 60 mins
    A delicate floral formula pairs an extremely gentle concentrate with a very creamy mask that moisturizes, soothes and calms sensitive and reactive skin. Redness fades, the skin is soothed and regains comfort. Lotus - Elder Flower - Cistus
  • Floral Purity Freshness Purifying Beauty Treatment

    BOOK 319 AED 60 mins
    Pure Radiance Mask and Purifying Concentrate with flowers join forces to kiss blemishes and a dull complexion goodbye. The skin is purified and rebalanced, and a bright and glowing complexion is revealed. Lavender - Cloredsilene - Cristus
  • Brightening Peel Translucency Facial Beauty Treatment

    BOOK 339 AED 60 mins
    Thanks to the action of Star Lily, this comprehensive treatment for the face, décolleté and hands reveals wonderfully radiant skin. It is perfect for dull, uneven complexions and skin with dark spots. Bright Lily - Papain
  • Bouquet of Youth Wrinkle Smoothing Beauty Treatment Everlasting Silene - Water Clove - Pas

    BOOK 339 AED 60 mins
    Thanks to its Intense Exfoliation Scrub and its Lifting Mask with Everlasting Flower, expression lines fade and the face regains a glowing complexion. Hot stone massage provides a moment of true relaxation. Everlasting Silene - Water Clove - Passion Flower
  • Skin Escape for Men

    BOOK 319 AED 60 mins
    Treatments include: Radiance - 319 AED/ 60 mins Purifying - 319 AED/ 60 mins Anti-Aging - 399 AED/ 60 mins
  • LM Deep Tissue Massage

    BOOK 319/399 AED 60/90 mins
    A firm pressure massage aimed at the deeper tissues of the muscle to relieve tension and tightness.
  • Abhyangam-Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

    BOOK 319/399 AED 60/90 mins
    A whole body massage using a specific herbal oil to nourish and revitalize body tissues and allow toxins to be removed from the cells. Considered as one of the most rejuvenating treatments in Ayurveda, ABHYANGAM achieves a deeper and more far-reaching effects than an ordinary massage. This treatment increases tissue strength, improves blood circulation, delay signs of aging, induces sound sleep and promotes vitality.
  • Relaxing Body Massage

    BOOK 299/379 AED 60/90 mins
    A firm but gentle pressure massage to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Balinese Massage

    BOOK 299/379 AED 60/90 mins
    A relaxing massage technique inspired by Balinese ritual. It is a slow and gentle massage using stretching techniques to achieve deep relaxation.
  • Aroma Body Massage

    BOOK 299/379 AED 60/90 mins
    Enjoy an invigorating body and facial massage where aromatic oils are used for a truly blissful experience.
  • Therapeutic Massage

    BOOK 299/379 AED 60/80 mins
    Feel free to speak with your therapist who will assist in eliminating any aches and pain by concentrating on areas where you are experiencing physical discomfort.
  • Traditional Thai Massage

    BOOK 319/399 AED 60/90 mins
    A full body massage that involves stretching and pressure-point massage to release blocked energy, relieve tension and enhance flexibility.
  • Deluxe De-Stress Massage

    BOOK 549 AED 120 mins
    The ultimate journey towards relaxation begins with an application of a soothing gel to the feet, creating wonderful warmth to those tired and aching feet. A firm body massage follows bringing a feeling of overall wellness and utmost relaxation. Not to be missed!
  • Foot Massage

    BOOK 299 AED 60 mins
    A self-indulgent treatment of each foot will rejuvenate your whole well being. Alleviates anxiety and bring about a deep state of relaxation.
  • Foot Reflexology

    BOOK 319 AED 60 mins
    Focused purely on your feet, thumb pressure stimulates the reflex points which correspond to all your body organs and systems. A therapeutic way to unblock the energy flow, improve blood circulation, reduce tension, balance body functions and enhance your total well being.
  • Sea Holistic - Relaxing Radiance Face & Body Massage

    BOOK 579 AED 90 mins
    An ultra-relaxing treatment with its gentle warmth and aromatic scent of lavender flowers.
  • Tresors Des Mers Energizing Body Massage

    BOOK 339 AED 60 mins
    The essential art of a massage as part of an invigorating treatment to eliminate tension for a relaxed and energized body.
  • Tresors Des Mers Energizing Body Massage

    BOOK 479 AED 90 mins
    In a cloud of personalized essences, expert hands stimulate the energy centers to relieve tension. A true passport to well-being, this comprehensive Ayurveda-inspired massage and facial treatment restores the body’s energy.
  • Firming Marine Body Wrap

    BOOK 329 AED 45 mins
    A highly active gel wrap is applied and then massaged in order to firm the skin, tighten tissues and combat skin slackening.
  • Detox - Contouring Marine Body Wrap

    BOOK 329 AED 45 mins
    Marine body wrap combined with a body massage to help eliminate toxins, break down fat or re-invigorate skin tissues. This wrap can be adapted to detoxify or contour. After a full body exfoliation, warm mud is applied to the whole body. This will eliminate toxins and excess fluid, ideal for a special occasion/pre-diet/start of a detoxifying/contouring plan.
  • Leg Revival - Leg Soothing Treatment

    BOOK 329 AED 40 mins
    A targeted treatment to beautify, comfort and relieve tired legs.
  • Hot Fomentation Massage with Herbal Bags

    BOOK 349/399 AED 60/80 mins
    A refreshing and relaxing treatment using linen bags filled with herbal ingredients prepared with Ayurvedic oils. This is a form of therapeutic sweating when the heated bags are applied throughout the body. Effective for those experiencing joint and back aches and helps in the cleansing of the circulatory channels in the body.
  • DHARA - De-stress Therapy

    BOOK 349 AED 60 mins
    A continuous stream of medicated warm oil is poured onto the forehead for 20 to 40 minutes. This procedure often induces a mental state similar to a trance, which creates profound relaxation and revitalizes the central nervous system. As a preparatory procedure 20-minute ABHYANGAM is done prior to the therapy.
  • Sultan's Veil Enhancing Body Wrap

    BOOK 599 AED 90 mins
    Blissfull escape to the land of the Arabian Nights. This beautifying face and body treatment, imbued with sensuality, offers the skin the wonderful softness of a Sultana’s skin. Traditional ingredients: Ghassoul and argan oil blend with jasmine and rose flowers. Body is enriched with a satin veil.
  • Ultimate Pampering

    BOOK 879 AED 210 mins
    Feel thoroughly purified, relaxed and re-energized with this powerfully cleansing treatment. These stimulating treatments clear and revitalize the mind while improving the appearance of the skin. Incorporating a cleansing body wrap, massage, facial ritual, this advanced treatment effectively eliminates toxins, stimulates circulation and relaxes the body. An intensely revitalising treatment for sluggish systems and the ultimate kick-start to any detox Treatment. Includes: Foot Ritual – Body Scrub - Full Detox Body Wrap – Relaxing Massage –– Scalp massage - Facial Ritual
  • Gentleman's Escape - Energize for Men

    BOOK 689 AED 150 mins
    An energy boosting package designed for men to help them look and be at their best. Full body scrub that exfoliates the skin on your body leaving it feeling fresh, smooth. Men’s Facial to cleanse and revitalize the skin ending with a full body massage to eliminate toxins and release muscle tension. Includes: Satin Shimmer, Men’s Facial, Body Massage
  • Unique Ayurveda Package

    BOOK 449 AED 90 mins
    Experience the ultimate in relaxation with our Ayurveda therapy which includes an Indian head massage. This treatment is a combination of three rituals: the Abhyangam (herbal oil massage), the Podikkizzi (hot fomentation massage) and Dhara (relaxation therapy) which allows us to ease away the stress that living in the modern world brings.