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  • Nimue Antioxidant Rejuvenation

    BOOK 450 AED
    Fight the first signs of aging – fine lines and wrinkles to restore your youthful glow back. The treatment is done using alpha hydroxy acid and fruit enzymes.The process mainly involves deep exfoliation that allows alpha hydroxy acid and fruit enzymes to penetrate into the skin where they remove the “glue” from skin’s upper layer that holds onto the old, dead skin cells thus allowing new skin cells to grow. These active ingredients further help in reducing wrinkles and treating fine lines. They even stimulate natural collagen and elastin production that aid in making your skin firmer and younger.
  • Nimue Eye Treatment

    BOOK 250 AED
    The Nimue Eye treatment is specifically designed for the delicate eye area to instantly review and help lighten dark circles while plumping crow’s feet and stimulating collagen production to give firm tightening effect. It includes Fruit Enzymes and Nimue’s Unique AHA´s to stimulate the skin naturally.
  • Nimue Micro-Needling Treatment

    BOOK 550 AED
    Nimue Microneedling is a specialized rejuvenation treatment targeted at sun damaged skin, treating lines and wrinkles and uneven texture. It includes a roller that consists of very fine 1mm needles made of titanium. This roller is gently moved over the skin to create tiny channels that allow specialized healing solutions to enter your skin that treat damaged skin cells to help you get an evenly toned and smooth skin.
  • Nimue Brightening Treatment

    BOOK 350 AED
    Our Nimue Brightening treatment is a quick fix for those in need for some instant brightening. Rich with Bio active complex and brightening formulation, this facial promotes skin renewal process by removing the dead skin layer and improves production of collagen and elastin resulting to a more vibrant, blooming, and even-textured skin.
  • Nimue Rejuvenation Booster

    BOOK 400 AED
    Our Nimue Rejuvenation Booster is a perfect anti-aging treatment that majorly focuses on new skin cell growth for a younger look. This super antioxidant treatment is rich with Alpha hydroxy acid and fruit enzymes that stimulate cell renewal and boost collagen production to improve skin elasticity, texture and radiance.
  • Nimue Corrective Treatment

    BOOK 500 AED
    Our Nimue Corrective treatment is a superficial gentle peel - a perfect treatment for acne and acne scarring. The active ingredients and corrective serum used during the treatment help in absorbing excess oil to prevent accumulation of dirt which is the primary cause behind acne, diminish acne scarring and refine large pores to prevent breakouts.
  • Nimue Fading Treatment

    BOOK 500 AED
    The Nimue Fading treatment is an advanced treatment for treating pigmentation. It uses antioxidants that protect your skin from environmental damage and free radical irritation. The antioxidants reduce melanin – which is the primary cause of pigmented skin thus regulating new pigmentation production while fading the existing pigmentation.
  • Nimue Anti-Aging Treatment

    BOOK 350 AED
    The Nimue Anti-Aging treatment is the right choice for fighting off aging signs like loose skin, wrinkles and spots. This treatment uses Alpha hydroxy acids work mainly as exfoliant to remove dead skin cells thus making room for new skin and further stimulate the production of natural collagen and elastin to promote growth of healthy skin cells free from wrinkles and pigmentation. It also uses Liphoic Activator anti- oxidants that imparts natural glow to your skin.
  • Nimue Active Glow

    BOOK 450 AED
    Recommended for instant skin revival, this facial treatment includes steam, extractions and face massage with ingredients such as Alpha hydroxyl acids, fruit enzymes, Vitamin C, antioxidants and brightening formulation that removes dead skin cells and improves cell regeneration resulting to a more vibrant, blooming, and even-textured skin.
  • Nimue Anti-Stress Treatment

    BOOK 300 AED
    Targeted at treating delicate skin that shows a tendency towards signs of redness caused by sun exposure, chemical peels, very strong dryness, after hair removal or threading. This facial is a unique combination of active complexes rich in anti-inflammatory and skin soothing ingredients that work in fighting the symptoms and causes of irritated skin on multiple levels, thus reducing and controlling skin redness on the face.
  • Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatment

    BOOK 450 AED
    Our Nimue Active Rejuvenation treatment is a specialized facial which uses 15% Bio-active Complex to treat pigmented skin. The Bio-active complex includes Glycolic acid (10%), Lactic acid (3%) and Citric acid (2%) – all of which work together to heal pigmentation restore skin’s natural tone and glow.
  • Nimue Therapeutic Treatment

    BOOK 300 AED
    Our Nimue Therapeutic treatment is a result driven facial that acts as a balancing process for all skin types. We recommend this facial treatment for those that are prone to blackheads or have extremely oily skin.
  • Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment

    BOOK 300 AED
    The Nimue Deep Cleanse Treatment is meant to cater to congested, acne prone skin that requires special care. Acne is primarily caused due to dirt, bacteria & impurities accumulated deep within the skin layers. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a healing mask that has anti-bacterial properties to help ease skin congestion.
  • Cosmelan Professional Treatment

    BOOK 1800 AED
    Cosmelan Treatment is an intensive treatment that reduces dark spots and hyper pigmentation, treats acne scarring, and revives dull skin. It includes a blend of different depigmentation agents which decrease melanin production in the skin by inhibiting tyrosinase – an enzyme involved in melanin production. Melanin is responsible for skin darkening which results in formation of brown spots and uneven skin tone that make your skin look dull and prone to aging.
  • Dermamelan Professional Treatment

    BOOK 2500 AED
    Dermamelan is a highly effective treatment that helps lighten discoloration and provides a smooth, even appearance to your skin. It offers effective and enduring results as it inhibits melanin process caused by tyrosinase enzyme for a longer duration. Dermamelan Treatment consists of two phases including application of the Dermamelan mask and a follow up treatment at home.
  • Manicure - Basic / Polish / French

    BOOK 70 / 75 / 80 AED
    Our manicure service includes shaping, filing, cuticle care, and a relaxing hand massage. It is then completed by application of your choice of polish in both classic and fashion-forward colors.
  • Gelish Polish Manicure - Color / French

    BOOK 110 / 130 AED
    Our range of Gelish Polish manicure and pedicure offer lasting results. They stay on for weeks without losing shine or chipping off.
  • Pedicure - Basic / Polish / French

    BOOK 85 / 90 / 95 AED
    This restorative treatment starts with contouring of nails and cuticles, followed by a soothing foot massage, and finished with application of your prefered nail color.
  • Gelish Polish Pedicure - Color / French

    BOOK 135 / 155 AED
    During the process, our nail professionals will clean and dry your nails, apply few coats of your favorite color and treat the gelish polish under LED, which is completely safe and causes no harm to your nails.
  • Manicure and Pedicure - Basic / Polish / French

    BOOK 140 / 150 / 160 AED
    Our Essential manicure and pedicure will give your hands and feet a more youthful looking skin that is hydrated, replenished and protected. This is all done through exfoliation, grooming, adding an extra touch of scented lotion, and finally the colour of your choice.
  • Gelish Polish Manicure and Pedicure - Color / French

    BOOK 220 / 260 AED
    With our Gelish Polish manicure and pedicure, you wouldn't have to worry about chipped nails or dull polish. After applying few coats of your chosen color, it is treated under LED, a completely safe and harmless procedure to add texture and strength to your nails.
  • Nail Extensions

    BOOK 40 / 50 / 75 AED
    Hands / Feet / Hands and Feet
  • Acrylic Extension With Tip

    BOOK 260 / 350 AED
    Color / French
  • Gel Extension With Tip

    BOOK 250 / 285 AED
    Color / French
  • Acrylic Extension Sculpting

    BOOK 260 / 315 AED
    Color / French
  • Gel Extension Sculpting

    BOOK 240 / 280 AED
    Color / French
  • Acrylic Extension Retouch

    BOOK 160 / 185 AED
    Color / French
  • Gel Extension Retouch

    BOOK 160 / 185 AED
    Color / French
  • Toe Extensions

    BOOK 305 / 335 AED
    Color / French
  • Nail Extension Removal

    BOOK 80 / 100 AED
    Acrylic / Gel
  • Extras

    BOOK 10 / 10 / 40 AED
    Nail Art / Stones / Repair
  • Threading - Chin / Upper Lip / Eyebrows / Face

    BOOK 20 / 20 / 35 / 70 AED
    Our threading process is carried out using a cotton thread that twists and rolls along the skin surface, entwining the hairs in the thread and lifting them swiftly from the follicle. At Ghada Sharfi, we use 100% cotton thread and the process is done by highly trained and skilled experts who make the process highly comfortable and relaxing with long lasting results.
  • Amonia Free Coloring

    BOOK 150 / 500 AED
    Short / Long
  • L’oreal Hair Coloring

    BOOK 250 / 600 AED
    Short / Long
  • Inoa Hair Coloring

    BOOK 400 / 800 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Color With 1/2 Highlights

    BOOK 180 / 350 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Color With Full Highlights

    BOOK 250 / 500 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Color Cleaning

    BOOK 150 AED
    Spice up your hair color and make it look brand new again! At Ghada Sharfi, we offer hair highlights under expert supervision wherein our hair stylists help you get the most suitable look.
  • Hair Color Retouching

    BOOK 150 / 250 AED
    L'oreal / Inoa
  • Trim / Hair Cut

    BOOK 80 / 120 AED
    Trim / Hair Cut
  • Hair Styling

    BOOK 200 AED
    Our hair styling service ia perfect enough to give a new appeal to your persona
  • Hair Styling - Blow dry

    BOOK 80 / 120 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Styling - Ceramic Straightening

    BOOK 100 / 150 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Curling

    BOOK 120 / 200 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Roll

    BOOK 100 / 150 AED
    Short / Long
  • Hair Botox Treatment

    BOOK 1000 / 1700 AED
    Hair botox treatment works for all hair types. It repairs damaged or broken hair fibers with a powerful concentrate of active ingredients which include caviar oil, B5, E vitamins and collagen complex that moisturize, nourish, repair and revive hair right from the very first use, adding incredible shine and softness and eliminating frizz.
  • Keratin Retouching

    BOOK 800 AED
    Keratin Retouching helps maintain your keratin treatment and so that your hair look intact. Suitable for all hair types, retouching sessions depend on your hair structure.
  • Keratin For Normal Hair

    BOOK 1000 / 1700 AED
    Keratin hair treatment for normal hair works as a maintenance treatment to strengthen and increase longevity of your hair. It locks in the moisture and prevents frizz and makes your hair smoother.
  • Crystal Keratin For Normal Hair

    BOOK 1000 / 1500 AED
    Crystal Keratin Professional Treatment specially formulated for beautiful and smooth hair. This Keratin based treatment helps maintain your hair’s natural look and shine while preventing from external damage.
  • Keratin For Damaged / Fine Hair

    BOOK 800 / 1500 AED
    Keratin treatments are a great way to repair damaged hair, as it helps restructure your hair by penetrating the inner structures with amino acids and protein.
  • Serioxyl Treatment

    BOOK 150 AED
    Recommended for Hair Growth. Our Serioxyl Treatment from L'Oreal Professional protects hair against oxidative stress to ensure it functions correctly, helping you achieve denser looking hair.
  • Fiberceutic Treatment

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Chemically Damaged Hair. The treatment helps seal and repair breakages, making your locks stronger.
  • Cristalceutic Treatment

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Colored Hair. The Cristalceutic Treatment from L’oreal helps protects and prolongs your hair color.
  • Pro Keratin Refill

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Weak & Damaged Hair. Pro Keratin Refill from L'Oréal deeply nourishes and conditions the hair, leaving it strong and super soft. It is enriched with Pro-Keratin and Incell that work together to make your hair resistant to breakage.
  • Intense Repair Treatment

    BOOK 150 AED
    Recommended for Naturally Dry Hair. The Intense Repair from L'Oréal Professional will make your hair soft, supple, radiant, easily detangled and extremely shiny.
  • Volumetry Treatment

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Fine Hair. L'Oreal Professional Volumetry treatment cleanses your hair and scalp of impurities, achieving a big, bouncy and volumised hair.
  • Lumino Contrast Treatment

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Highlighted Hair. The Lumino Contrast Treatment from L'Oréal professional replenishes your hair fiber and combats moisture loss.
  • Absolute Repair Treatment

    BOOK 100 / 150 AED
    Recommended for Damaged Hair. Our exclusive Absolute Repair treatment has been designed to target the hair fiber according to its own damage level. This treatment makes your hair stronger, its fiber more resistant, and protects the hair surface from any external aggression.
  • Liss Unlimited Treatment

    BOOK 150 AED
    Recommended for Rebellious Thick Hair Liss Unlimited treatment from L’oreal instantly strengthens and protects the hair, helping control frizz and making your hair smooth.
  • Mythic Oil Treatment

    BOOK 150 AED
    Recommended for All Hair Types Our Mythic Oil treatment from L’oreal Professional makes your hair smooth and shiny
  • Vitaminocolor

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Colored Hair Our Vitaminocolor protects the hair colour's radiance and boosts its intensity and shine. It gently eliminates residue and helps protect colour-treated hair using high quality products from L’oreal.
  • Keratin Shot

    BOOK 250 AED
    Recommended for Hair Strengthening Keratin Shot is a rehydrating, hair rejuvenating treatment that is free of formaldehyde which is a strong smelling gas used in hair products which actually damages your hair. It also helps restructure your hair by penetrating the inner structures, nourishing and strengthening the hair from deep inside.
  • African Secret Glossy Peel (Lakhokha)

    BOOK 150 AED
    Recommended for Pale, Yellowish, Tanned, and Wrinkled Skin Lakhokha is a traditional Sudanese treatment for glowing, soft skin. It contains 100% natural ingredients with a mix of our dokhon seeds and our own Sudanese smoke, helping detoxify the skin and giving it a relaxing effect.
  • Herbal Essence Peel

    BOOK 125 AED
    Recommended for Pale, Aging, and Wrinkled Skin Our Herbal Essence peel is a perfect skin rejuvenating treatment that helps lighten and brighten up your skin naturally. It consists of 100% natural ingredients - natural herbs and mint leaves, giving you an evenly toned, wrinkle-free and firmer skin.
  • Calci - Orange Peel

    BOOK 150 AED
    Recommended for Pale, Aging, and Wrinkled Skin Our Calci – Orange Peel is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, giving you an evenly toned, wrinkle free and firmer skin. Ingredients include yoghurt and milk with orange peel to remove dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation.
  • Caffeine Honey Peel

    BOOK 100 AED
    Recommended for Tanned and Aging Skin Active ingredients in caffeine helps lighten the skin tone while giving it a firmer appeal. Honey as a natural moisturizer, locks in the skin’s moisture thus helping it stay hydrated.
  • After-Sweet Sterilizing Vitamin C Body Mask

    BOOK 100 AED
    Our After-Sweet Sterilizing Vitamin C Mask helps restore the skin's youthful glow. Made of 100% natural ingredients, we prepare the mask using vitamin C and fresh lemon. The powerful antioxidants present in vitamin C destroy free radicals in the skin that cause premature aging.
  • Extremely Chocolaty Body Mask

    BOOK 75 AED
    We prepare the mask using our own mix of cocoa powder and banana – both of which are rich in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging the skin. The mask, packed with 100% natural ingredients, softens and hydrates your skin while strengthening skin tissue and maintaining skin elasticity and strength.
  • Orange Essence Body Mask

    BOOK 75 AED
    Our Orange Essence Mask is packed with the natural benefits of orange oil which helps in brightening, moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, this mask works to improve your skin tone, reduce acne, renew dead skin while moisturizing and hydrating the skin.
  • All The Bee Body Mask

    BOOK 100 AED
    Targeted at nourishing and giving your skin the needed nutrients for a healthy glow, we use pure honey to prepare this mask. Honey being a natural moisturizer locks in the skin moisture to keep it hydrated. It’s even rich in B vitamins that protect your skin from damaging free radicals, help in skin renewal while preventing wrinkles.
  • Arabian Nights Glow Body Perfuming

    BOOK 150 / 200 AED
    Create a unique fragrance that captures the essence of you with our Arabian Nights Glow –the Arabian Oud base helps perfume your body for more than 5 days. At Ghada Sharfi, we give it a personalized touch with our own mix of prunus seeds and Sudanese smoke for more effective results.
  • Midnight Pleasure Glow Body Perfuming

    BOOK 150 / 200 AED
    Create your own signature fragrance with our Midnight Pleasure Glow which perfumes your body for more than 5 days and is made of homemade perfume – the Sudanese Khomra. At Ghada Sharfi, we prepare the perfume mix using 100% natural ingredients mainly prunus seeds and Sudanese smoke.
  • Lets Go Express Lashes (Removal)

    BOOK 100 AED
    If you are willing to try a new look with Let’s Go Express Lashes and want to remove the old one, our team of professional experts can help you with Let’s Go Express Lashes Removal. The lashes are removed safely under professional guidance.
  • Lets Go Cluster Lashes

    BOOK 250 AED
    Give your eyelashes a stunning and striking makeover with Let’s Go Cluster Lashes. The process takes just 10 minutes, exactly half the time of Let’s Go Express Lashes and lasts for a week.
  • Lets Go Express Lashes

    BOOK 100 / 100 / 375 AED
    The Let’s Go Express Lashes give you a natural yet glamorous look in just 20 minutes. This revolutionary lash extension treatment eliminates the need for mascara, alleviates the eye area from day to day wear and tear of products and makes the tired eyes look more vibrant. Extra / Bottom / Top
  • Party Preparation

    BOOK 600 AED
    We use renowned brands like Makeup Forever and Mac which offer you natural makeup look that stays all through the day. Our experts help choose the right blend of colors and makeup techniques to create a superb party look.
  • Bridal Preparation

    BOOK 2000 AED
    The Bridal Preparation at Ghada Sharfi helps make your wedding day makeup look more real and natural. We use renowned brands like Makeup Forever and Mac that offer natural makeup which stays although the day. We recommend starting the bridal preparation 1 month before the big day for effective results.