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Day Spa, Hotel & Resort Spa, Fitness Center

Business Bay, Dubai (View Location)

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  • Jiva Signature Facial

    BOOK 650 AED 90 mins
    Using our exclusive range of 100% natural and rare hand-blended products, our signature facial is tailored to suit your skin type, integrating techniques designed to take you to new depths of relaxation. Your face will be delicately cleansed, lightly exfoliated, massaged and moisturised. A therapeutic mask completes this wonderfully relaxing treatment. Your hands and feet will be gently massaged during the facemask. Immerse yourself in this luxurious experience for a balanced and radiant glow. Your treatment is complemented with a full back massage
  • Jamarosa Root Facial

    BOOK 440 AED 60 mins
    This treatment focuses on deep cleansing using our natural hand-made products. The key ingredients of Green Tea, Jamarosa Root and Ginger lend properties that offer a visible difference and a clearer complexion.
  • Tulsi Facial

    BOOK 440 AED 60 mins
    Using our exclusive products of Neem, Tulsi and Rose, this facial rejuvenates and nourishes dry skin. Our hydrating mask leaves your skin soft and supple
  • Champak Facial

    BOOK 440 AED 60 mins
    A balancing facial using Magnolia, Lavender and Jasmine to soothe, calm and restore the skin’s natural texture and radiance
  • Neem Facial

    BOOK 240 AED 30 mins
    This cleansing express mini-facial is designed to stimulate and tighten skin. A quick pick-me-up for men and women who want to look brighter and feel younger.
  • Ananalepa Facial

    BOOK 520 AED 60 mins
    Many women use homemade recipes passed down from mother to daughter to nourish their families and their skin. Following this custom, we use fresh all natural ingredients straight from the kitchen. Our facial will also include a face massage that tones and nourishes the skin, making it healthier and leaving it with a natural glow
  • Vishram

    BOOK 520/770 AED 60/90 mins
    A full-body relaxing massage to melt away your stress. Alternating palm and thumb strokes, skilled hands gently work on your tired and sore muscles. Fragrant signature oil blends with the richness of Kewda, Frankincense and Brahmi, infused in sandalwood and Sesame are used for this massage to release tension, bringing ease and tranquillity to your entire system.
  • Orja Dayaka

    BOOK 520/770 AED 60/90 mins
    A deep-muscular massage to lift your spirits and revive your inner vitality. A special blend of oil, laced with fragrances of Nagarmotha, Pachouli, Tulsi and Aswagandha, will work on your deep-seated aches, releasing trapped nerves and balancing the flow of energy in your body. Every joint, muscle and sinew will pulse with new-found vigour
  • Pavithri

    BOOK 520/770 AED 60/90 mins
    A unique blend of oils with the goodness of Tulsi, Ginger and Lime, combined with the lymphatic drainage technique, works from within, eliminating toxins and refining the whole system. Cleansed a new you will face the world again revived and re-energised
  • Samardana

    BOOK 520/770 AED 60/90 mins
    A customised technique of muscle massage performed by specially-trained hands, which works on your deep-seated stress. Experience enhanced mobility of joints and let a deep sense of relief fill you.
  • Pada Mardana

    BOOK 400 AED 60 mins
    A sublime massage treatment performed on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. This treatment benefits the entire body by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet. A royal extravagance for weary feet
  • Prishta Mardana

    BOOK 400 AED 60 mins
    The first casualty of a stressful life is the shoulder and back, resulting in pain and tension. This treatment has been created to eliminate tension and bring relief through an ultimate back and deep shoulder massage. Our treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation steam and the application of an herbal mask. Ideal for sore back muscles.
  • Champi

    BOOK 400 AED 45 mins
    This luxuriant hair invigorating treatment is believed to promote hair growth, restore the natural sheen and glossiness of the hair fibre. Our signature blend of traditional ingredients such as Amla, Brahmi, Jatamansi, Curry leaves and Neem are known to propagate long lasting and enriching benefits. This massage releases muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulders, creating a deep sense of relaxation and joy as well as clarity of thought.
  • Pehlwan Malish

    BOOK 880 AED 90 mins
    For centuries, Indian wrestlers have taken powerful massages. Experience this traditional vigorous massage with either our signature aromatherapy oil or mustard oil, which is extremely good for the skin, and relieves aching, sore and tense muscles
  • Dosuha

    BOOK 400 AED 45 mins
    Dates and watermelon seeds are the most nutritious ingredient known to mankind. As a skin moisturiser with camels milk helps to nourish and maintain a healthy and glowing skin by removing the dead skin.
  • Narikela

    BOOK 400 AED 45 mins
    Coconut, a household ingredient in India, has many uses to its name. As a natural skin softener, it has been used for centuries. We will gently exfoliate and moisturise your body with a mix of ingredients. This all over treatment has a cooling effect on the body
  • Masala Scrub

    BOOK 400 AED 45 mins
    For this invigorating treatment, a traditional mixture of Indian spices is used to promote deep cleansing, relieve muscular soreness and improve blood circulation, leaving you refreshed and recharged.
  • Prithvi Mrit

    BOOK 400 AED 45 mins
    This rich detoxifying and firming wrap is made from 22 exotic Indian herbs and clay. Its therapeutic properties tighten the skin and leave it with a radiant, youthful glow. Excellent for all skin types
  • Chandana

    BOOK 400 AED 45 mins
    Traditionally used in the tropics, pure Sandalwood paste and Aloe Vera are known for their cooling and nourishing effects on the skin. Once the paste is applied, your body is wrapped in soft organic linen for a richly nurturing experience. This soothing after sun treatment will leave your skin healthy and refreshed
  • Taghthia Amiqa

    BOOK 920 AED 120 mins
    An indulgent treatment for deep nourishment and glowing skin. Set the mood for this pure indulgence as you commence with an aromatic footbath. Pamper yourself with the richness of nature - a natural blend of date, almond, saffron, cactus gel and almond oil help moisturise and tighten your skin. A heavenly scalp massage calms your mind, taking you to a blissful state of relaxation. Soak your cares away with a warm bath of nourishing camel milk, to wash away the traces of the wrap. Succumb to the rhythmic strokes of a relaxation massage with our bespoke blend.
  • Trupti

    BOOK 120 AED 920 mins
    Embrace harmony and lose yourself in this entrancing experience designed to lead you to a state of nostalgia. Inspired to give you a captivating night’s sleep, this experience begins with our Indian head massage to relax and improve circulation and ease sore tired neck muscles. Let the gentle rhythm of our therapists hands soothe your back with strokes and stretches harnessed with rich essential oils, to de-stress and calm your body, allowing cares and ensions to dissolve. Succumb to a sublime massage treatment on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience.
  • Jivaniya

    BOOK 920 AED 120 mins
    An energizing treatment to relieve muscular tension and improve blood circulation. This treatment includes an exfoliating herbal scrub of exotic spices and herbs from the hills of India, a heat-stimulating wrap, followed by a revitalizing massage
  • Soma

    BOOK 1600 AED 120 mins
    Two therapists will perform a candle-lit, Indian aromatherapy massage, using evocative oils that create an air of romance. After this indulgent massage, you and your partner can relax in a private rose petal bath with a bottle of bubbly / fizz.