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  • The Rayya Customized Facial

    BOOK 350/550/650 AED 30/60/90 mins
    Following a private consultation and skin analysis, your Beautician will tailor a skin specific facial for your individual needs, from reducing redness, signs of ageing, jetlag or treatment of any skin concerns. With a focus on anti-aging, our custom Facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, lymphatic massage, mask, moisturizing and UV protection. Each facial is made complete with a warm feet surprise treat, foot and scalp massages, and eye and lip treatments. *Choice of microdermabrasion or peel. **Does not include extractions or microdermabrasion
  • Escape the Desert and Savour the Season - Featured Seasonal Facial

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Products-ingredients vary by season. Celebrate a fresh new you by delighting in a seasonal facial, using the freshest seasonal ingredients. With natural, results-oriented ingredients such as winery grapes, botanical milks, rich muds and firming peptides, each product is made with up to 99% natural and naturally-derived ingredients and is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and phthalates.
  • Strawberry-Avocado Citrine Freshening & Clarifying Facial

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    This fruit-filled facial will kick-start your complexion. Prepare for a smorgasbord of nutrients, as Wine Down Serum that brings antioxidant bliss to skin – hydrating, plumping and helping defend against free radical damage, followed by a peptide-packed botanical milk moisturizer.
  • Heirloom Earth Restorative Facial

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Your awakening begins with a creamy, hydrating Green Tea Milk, wholesome, exfoliating blend of green clay, green tea, rice powder, whole milk and more. You look years younger with the application of Crow Catcher, a peptide-enhanced silky veil that imparts an instantly addictive eye firming effect that lasts and lasts. The best of earth, plant and peptides!
  • Desert Detox Brightening & Firming

    BOOK 500 AED 60 mins
    This treatment promises layers and layers of skin glowing goodness! Micro-buffing exfoliation that uses Red Arizona Montmorillonite Clay and Desert Willow Bark to clear away bacteria, dead skin, and blemishes. Three Milk Ageless firming peptide moisturizer give you a silky, hydrated and vibrant complexion that’s ready for a fabulous debut!
  • Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

    BOOK 550/700 AED 60/90 mins
    Our Ultimate Signature Experience. Deep cleansing followed by three luxurious masks to decongest, brighten and hydrate the skin. Lymphatic drainage followed by acupressure massage firms and reduces puffiness. A relaxing massage of feet, hands, arms and scalp leaves you totally relaxed and the skin fresh and glowing.
  • Vitamin C and Papaya Enzyme Peel Facial

    BOOK 600 AED 60 mins
    Deep cleansing combined with fruit acid exfoliation that targets age spots, pigmentation, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Drainage massage and hydrating mask stimulate new skin cells and elasticity leaving skin with rejuvenated glow. *All of our skin care treatments include a customized application of results enhancing serums, skin-specific masques, moisturizers and an SPF to protect and improve your complexion.
  • Rayya Customised Massage

    BOOK 250/450/550 AED 30/50/80 mins
    Truly personalized, whether you seek relief for any body aches, or just want to drift away into a state of relaxation, your Rayya Therapists will customise your massage using unique products blended by a team of industry experts. Our techniques are global with a common goal of total relaxation and satisfaction. Holistic
  • Rayya Detoxifying Massage

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Our detoxifying massage will help to purge the body of toxins, helping to promote physical and mental wellbeing. With regular sessions you can look forward to a stronger immune system, circulation and less stress! We use a unique blend of alkalizing Deep Sea Algae coupled with strong trigger oils to penetrate into the cells.
  • Ageless Extracts Massage

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    A combination of powerful anti-aging massage oils* is used whilst enjoying a choice of Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Craniosacral Therapy. The light oils are infused with Agave plant extracts, Sandalwood, Barley and Amurense Bark. *Highly potent active ingredients
  • Antioxidant Oil Massage

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    A healing Massage using enhanced vitamin-rich oils with crisp citrus or herbal notes that refresh the mind. Feel instant rejuvenation with Orange Peel, Jojoba, Sunflower Seed and Apricot Kernel oils that deeply nourish skin.
  • Melted Massage

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Pure Shea, cocoa and mango butter are melted and then drizzled and massaged into the skin for a deeply restorative and warming sensation.
  • Escape the Desert and Savour the Season

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Delight in a relaxing seasonal massage, using products inspired from the season’s freshest ingredients. Products-ingredients vary by season.
  • Organic Massage

    BOOK 450/650 AED 60/90 mins
    The ultimate blend of different massage techniques combined with therapeutic organic massage oils will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized. A Tailor made organic massage to suit your skin – Choose Rosemary and Grapefruit for energizing, or Rose and Jasmine for de-stressing conditions.
  • Aroma-Indulge

    BOOK 450/650 AED 60/90 mins
    Choose from an array of single aura specific colors for an immediate “pick me up” massage or choose four colors for a dynamic wellness experience. Emotional and transformative Wellbeing at its best. Turquoise Serenity
  • Aroma Experience

    BOOK 450/650 AED 60/90 mins
    Choose from an array of single aura specific colors for an immediate “pick me up” massage or choose four colors for a dynamic wellness experience. Emotional and transformative Wellbeing at its best. Turquoise Serenity
  • Turquoise Deep Sleep Massage

    BOOK 450/650 AED 60/90 mins
    This calming and relaxing massage will move you to your own quiet silent space so that you can rest easily, sleep as soon as your head touches the pillow and you are rejuvenated the following day. We are using various elements to trigger a deep state of relaxation for body mind and soul.
  • Earthfinity Massage

    BOOK 650 AED 75 mins
    Back to nature with this holistic Massage using crystals and organic elements to tickle your senses. This experience is performed on our quartz crystal bed and includes a sweet surprise.
  • Cryotherapy

    BOOK 0 AED
    Discover a unique detox system used for many years for recovery, fatigue or chronic illnesses like arthritis and weight loss. Proven by research in one, only three-minute long session you can lose up to 800 calories, increase metabolism, improve sleep, relieve stress release endorphins the same way you would in a spin class. 1, 5, 10 session available upon request. Please contact Rayya reception for more information
  • Green Coffee Body Sculpting

    BOOK 350 AED 60 mins
    Shape and define your silhouette. Reduce puffiness or bloating, and improve circulation for a firmer, slimmer silhouette. Immediate results to target sluggish skin.
  • Salt of the Earth Experience

    BOOK 350/450/650 AED 30/60/90 mins
    Experience a deeply exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub. Choose from 5 Essential Emotion Colors. When preceded by a Steam or sauna the body absorbs the powerful scents* deeply to activate your inner healing centers. *Chosen scents vary by Gender
  • Aroma Body Polish

    BOOK 350/550 AED 30/60 mins
    Experience a deeply exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub. Choose from 5 Essential Emotion Colors. When preceded by a Steam or sauna the body absorbs the powerful scents* deeply to activate your inner healing centers. *Chosen scents vary by Gender
  • Bee Well Earth and Honey Renewal

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    The best of the earth, plant and fruits combine into a total enveloping experience that begins with red montmorillonite clay and micro pumice that covers skin, finely exfoliates the surface, and leaves a smooth, calming feel in its wake. Skin is plump full of moisture and radiantly retaining a youthful, renewed appearance.
  • Five Herbs and Honey Milk Wrap

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Reinvigorate your soul and your skin with this succulent scrub, wrap & massage. Breath deep as you are cloaked in steaming Lavender & Hibiscus Mineral soaked towels prepared with organic teas and flower petals.
  • Sweet Decadence Relaxation Retreat

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    A bakery inspired relaxation delight ….A sweet-cinnamon scent fills the room, as you soak in Red Hot Sparkling Oil infused steaming towel compresses – with a hint of fresh cinnamon notes. Ahhh…fresh-baked enjoyment – zero calories!
  • Escape the Desert and Savour the Season - Featured Seasonal Body Treatment

    BOOK 450 AED 60 mins
    Products-ingredients vary by season. Enjoy the freshest ingredients of the season by delighting in a seasonal body treatment. After a thorough scrubdown to remove dead, dry skin, you’ll be cocooned in a warm and nourishing body wrap or mask. Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing massage with rich, hydrating shea butter – packed with vitamins and cocoa and shea butters to nourish your skin for hours, leaving you glowy and feeling anew!
  • Rose Renewal Ritual

    BOOK 600 AED 90 mins
    Tap into your own reservoir of youth. A rejuvenating treatment including a full body salt scrub and purifying wrap using the nourishing essences of Rose and Jasmine for the perfect balance.
  • Detox Algae Wrap

    BOOK 650 AED 75 mins
    An amazingly beneficial body wrap – This effective cleanse is performed using highly concentrated seaweed to ensure optimal absorption into the body on cellular level. The treatment is executed on warm quartz sand which cocoons the body and assists in the detox process.
  • Detox Cleansing Ritual

    BOOK 650 AED 90 mins
    Regulate fat metabolism in the body. An Intense full body scrub with stimulating and detoxifying blend of salt, seaweed and lemon. A potent wrap of seaweed and eucalyptus with rare fossil mud to leave the skin deeply enveloped, cleansed and stimulated.
  • Aromatic Skin Perfection

    BOOK 750 AED 75 mins
    Expect Radiant and brightened skin using 100% natural products. Amber & Musk extracts melted into Shea Butter will restore elasticity and hydration of the skin to fight signs of premature ageing all over the body.
  • Detox Escape

    BOOK 2200 AED 150 mins
    Our Rayya Detox Escape can help renew your body’s ability to maintain optimum health by removing and eliminating toxins externally. A stimulating exfoliation is followed by a Mud and Sea Clay Wrap. Then our Cryo Therapy and cleansing lymph massage will flush out remaining toxins.
  • Traditional Moroccan Hammam

    BOOK 350/450 AED 45/60 mins
    Unveil ancient beauty secrets for irresistibly smooth and beautifully scented skin. The Ritual starts with black olives & argan soap, followed by Kessa mitt exfoliation on a heated marble with invigorating full body exfoliation.
  • Oriental Rhassoul

    BOOK 450/550 AED 60/75 mins
    Beginning with the purifying black soap to cleanse your body, the treatment follows with a special blend of pure Rhassoul clay for the body, warmed with luscious ingredients. Enjoy a nourishing mask for the hair, locking in moisture, leaving the hair silky soft. Relax whilst impurities are removed and the skin is conditioned, smoothed and refined.
  • Spa Rituals

    BOOK 750 AED 90 mins
    Arabian 1001 Night Ritual - 120 minutes = AED 990 Rayya Retreat Ritual - 120 minutes = AED 900 Signature Spa Ceremony “Desert Treasures” - 150 minutes = AED 1350 Ascending Desert Dune - 90 minutes = AED 750
  • Spa Journeys

    BOOK 750/800/1200 AED 90/100/150 mins
    Rayya Veda - 90 minutes = AED 750 Calm Mind Retreat - 100 minutes/ 150 minutes (Includes Facial) = AED 800/AED 1200 Rayya Foot Ritual - 90 minutes = AED 750
  • Royal Amber Hammam Ritual

    BOOK 800 AED 90 mins
    This traditional treatment consists of a deep cleansing technique using finest Moroccan Black soap. A brightening Argan Seeds Body Polishing mask will ensure silky skin before a mini facial and hair mask completes the ritual
  • Moroccan Bridal Inspired Hammam "Rose & Sandal"

    BOOK 990 AED 120 mins
    Experience the ultimate Hammam ceremony. Full body exfoliation by kessa mitt and Moroccan black soap, body wrap with Rhassoul mud followed by a mini facial and hair mask. An extended relaxing massage will complete your experience.
  • Royal Suite Experience

    BOOK 990 AED 60 mins
    Couple Massage - 60 minutes/90 minutes = AED 990/1200 Rayya Romance (Two Guests) - 3.5 hours = AED 1900 Couples Escape - Basic Package 90 minutes/Full Package (Includes Facial) 150 minutes = AED 1300/1600